Who should win Celebrity Big Brother?

As the ITV reality reboot draws to a close, which of the five remaining celebrity housemates will be crowned the winner?

Celebrity Big Brother's 2024 reboot cast. (ITV)
Who will win the Celebrity Big Brother reboot? (ITV)

Celebrity Big Brother's reboot is gearing up for the grand final, with five remaining housemates hoping to be crowned the winner.

Louis Walsh, Nikita Kuzmin, Fern Britton, David Potts and Colson Smith have made it to the end of the ITV reality series after Bradley Riches' shock backdoor eviction - but who is the most popular?

Whether it's being the kindest housemate, the most helpful, or simply the most entertaining, each of them could make a case for being the series champion. Here are their journeys so far.

Who is the bookies' favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother?

Bookies BetVictor have releases their odds for the series winner - but they look a little different from the results of their social media survey on who the most popular housemate is. These are the series winner odds:

  • David Potts - 4/9

  • Louis Walsh - 9/4

  • Nikita Kuzmin - 8/1

  • Colson Smith - 25/1

  • Fern Britton - 35/1

However, BetVictor also collated the number of positive social media comments on X about each housemate to put together their predictions of who the most popular contestants are.

Despite Walsh having the second highest odds to win, he drops down to the least popular housemate in terms of positive X comments.

Potts was named as the most popular, followed by Kuzmin, Smith, Britton and then Walsh.

Who should win Celebrity Big Brother?

David Potts

David Potts - Celebrity Big Brother (ITV)
David Potts is the bookies' favourite. (ITV)

David Potts is a reality TV veteran - he first found fame after working as a holiday rep when he appeared in Ibiza Weekender, and went on to take part in The Big Celebrity Detox, Celebs Go Dating, Celebs on the Farm, Celebrity Karaoke Club and Celebrity Ghost Trip.

Although he might not have been one of the best known housemates to those not so familiar with the reality TV circuit, Potts has made an impression as a fun and outspoken contestant and has plenty of experience in managing tricky group situations thanks to his previous shows.

He's known for always wearing shorts and has forged close friendships with his other housemates, especially Kuzmin and Smith.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh is taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Louis Walsh has kept viewers entertained. (ITV)

Music manager and X Factor judge Louis Walsh might have got a few backs up over the series and has been labelled Lazy Louis by some of his housemates, but he has definitely been the most entertaining contestant.

Walsh has shared some astounding celebrity anecdotes and hasn't held back on stars he doesn't like, as well as trying to take credit for some superstar careers.

He might be a shameless name dropper, but his stories about Jedward, Take That, U2 Colin Farrell, Ronan Keating and more have made CBB worth tuning in to every night and we can't wait to see how he navigates his showbiz relationships once he gets out.

Nikita Kuzmin

Nikita Kuzmin - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Nikita Kuzmin is the series nice guy. (ITV)

The prize for the nicest housemate has to go to Strictly Come Dancing pro Nikita Kuzmin, who has tried to be everyone's friend (but had limited success with Fern Britton).

Kuzmin has shown himself to be a team player, a caring housemate and good at the challenges with a drive to win. However, Walsh has accused him of "following the cameras" and being desperate to win.

He's had a tricky week after falling out with Britton who accused him of ageism and then managing to knock her over, but will it affect his chances of winning?

Colson Smith

Colson Smith - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Colson Smith has been on an emotional journey. (ITV)

Coronation Street star Colson Smith has all the hallmarks of a usual reality TV winner, having been on a journey to increase his confidence and showing his vulnerable side.

But the actor known for playing Craig Tinker might not be able to stand out against some of the show's stronger personalities who have commanded more screen time.

Smith looked genuinely devastated when Levi Roots labelled him boring, which could give a hint at his chances of winning if the public agree. The soap star has shared his hopes of moving into TV presenting on the back of his CBB appearance.

Fern Britton

Fern Britton - Celebrity Big Brother 2024 (ITV)
Fern Britton is the last female housemate left. (ITV)

Fern Britton is the only remaining female housemate, despite her having said she expects to go home at every eviction so far.

Britton has had a tricky time in the house, especially over the last week as some viewers struggled to understand her animosity with Kuzmin, but Walsh told her he thought she had stayed in because people know her so well after a long career in TV.

However, in private Walsh hasn't been so polite about her - ahead of Tuesday's double eviction, he told Big Brother: "If I'm honest I think Fern should go, I think her time is up here...She's a nice lady, a bit boring."

He added: "I think Fern should go, that's the easiest way. Nobody will miss her now. Nobody. Nobody at all."

Celebrity Big Brother's final airs on ITV at 9pm on Friday.

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