Quiz! Match the celebrity to the football team they support

Quiz! Match the celebrity to the football team they support

Euro 2020 has brought out the football fan in a lot of people lately - even the stars. But it doesn't just take an international tournament to get celebrity soccer fans showing their footy allegiances.

From Sir Elton John and Adele, to Russell Crowe and Margot Robbie, it seems the stars love a bit of league football and many are lifelong fans. Even Prince William and Prince Harry both pledge allegiance to Premier League teams — but not the same ones.

So do you know which celebrity fans support which football club?

Some stars are loyal to their home town teams but other lower league teams have earned the backing of Hollywood royalty through no obvious connection.

And though the links between certain showbiz names and their favourite football team may not be obvious, these proud supporters have often found ways to make their allegiance known in public.

So can you match the celebrity football fan to their team? Take a shot on this 15 question multiple choice quiz to find out.

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