Five of our favourite working celebrity mums

Laura Tobin's passion for recycling even stretches to her friends' rubbish bins. (PA/Getty)
Laura Tobin told the story of going into early Labour on the Good Morning Britain set. (PA/Getty)

From Laura Tobin's mum guilt, to Kate Lawler taking the decision to step away from her Virgin Radio job, there are plenty of honest and inspiring mums in the world of celebrity.

Parenting, whether for the first time or the fifth, can bring with it a host of challenges, from changes in a relationship, to childcare juggles, to the hormonal imbalances that can lead to post-natal depression.

As told to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time, many of these celebrity mums have had to navigate stressful careers, a changing world and their own approach to parenting, and have spoken openly about their experience of parenting and working in the limelight.

Read on for their inspiring stories of working, raising kids, and most of all: being honest.

Laura Tobin on 'mummy guilt'

Good Morning Britain's Laura Tobin told Thornton about a trip she took to the North Pole to see the effects of climate change, and how she was visibly upset on air when she spoke about her daughter Charlotte.

The weather presenter, who has been with ITV since 2012, said the polar bears are a 'big thing' for her daughter, and that it was important for Tobin for her to see that she loved her job.

Of leaving and going on the trip to Svalbard, which meant she missed Charlotte's first full day of school, Tobin said: "The mummy guilt's there.

"But also, I want her to see that I work and love my job. And she knows that I love it. And I think it's really important for her to see that."

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Luckily, Tobin's husband has a 'regular hours' job, and the presenter told Thornton they also have a good support network nearby.

She also told Thornton about going in to premature labour on the set of Good Morning Britain, with Dr Hilary helping to get her to hospital and keep her calm.

Angela Griffin got her kids to help set up a rude scene

Lockdown changed the shape of many family relationships. And Coronation Street and Waterloo Road actor Angela Griffin can definitely count herself among them.

Speaking at a live White Wine Question Time recording, she told fellow cast members of the lockdown YouTube show Dun Breedin how she had roped her teenage daughters in to helping set up some bedroom shots.

Along with Thornton, she told cast members including Tamzin Outhwaite, Alison Newman, Denise Welch, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Julie Graham, how her kids, Tallulah and Melissa, had left the room before filming started.

She explained: "They set the cameras up, and then they went out the room because they didn't want to see 'that'.

"We did it on a locked off shot. Tallulah set it all up in the room, and she lit it and got everything sorted, [then left]."

Her boyfriend in the show, which dealt with the different experiences of women going through menopause, was played by Griffin's actor husband, Jason Milligan.

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Actor and producer Sally Lindsay on her weirdest week ever

Suranne Jones & Sally Lindsay Attend The 'Pride Of Britain Awards' At The Hilton In London. . (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)
Suranne Jones and Sally Lindsay at The 'Pride Of Britain Awards' (Getty Images)

Another former Corrie star, Sally Lindsay told Kate Thornton about her 'best production ever' being her twin boys - and the crazy week she found out she was pregnant with them after six years of trying.

The same week she also had two shows – Scott & Bailey and Mount Pleasant – commissioned, the first of which she had been working on with fellow Coronation Street actor Suranne Jones.

Lindsay, who is creative director of her own production company, Saffron Cherry, is married to The Style Council drummer, Steve White.

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The best production ever, for me, is my twins," Lindsay told Thornton. "Everything is just a bonus after that, I'm not really a***d.

"It's lovely, telly, and it frustrates me and I love it and I'm passionate about it. But at the end of the day, it's about the boys, it always has been."

Fern Britton on bringing a newborn onto the 'This Morning' set

Fern Britton on All Star Musicals at Christmas (Multistory Media/ITV)
Fern Britton on All Star Musicals at Christmas (Multistory Media/ITV)

Daytime TV legend Fern Britton was surprised to be told at first that there would be 'no job for her' on This Morning unless she could commit to going almost straight back after the birth of her daughter Winnie, at the age of 44.

Her daughter, born in 2001 with her then husband chef Phil Vickery, was her fourth child after three children with her first husband.

When bosses on the ITV show called Britton to ask her to come back to the show following a dip in its ratings, the new mum laid down the rules.

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Britton told Thornton she said to her boss: "I'm gonna have to come with Winnie every day because I'm feeding her, and she can't be without me."

They agreed to help and find someone who could look after the baby while she was on air, and Britton returned to present the show.

"So then I did that for a year and it was fun, because she had her picture taken with so many people in the green room," Britton said.

"And she would sleep and eat and I'd feed her in commercial breaks. And on talkback, sometimes I'd hear, during an important interview: 'Fern, just nod. Is the Calpol in the bag? Is the Calpol in the bag?'"

Kate Lawler says she 'can breathe' after stepping back from Virgin Radio job

Kate Lawler and fiance Martin. (Getty Images)
Kate Lawler and her husband Martin Bojtos. (Getty Images)

The Big Brother winner and DJ told Thornton her expectations of being a parent had been wrong and that she used to mock her own twin sister for calling herself a 'full-time mum'.

But the characteristically honest Lawler explained her decision to leave her Virgin Radio job this year, saying it allowed her to spend quality time with her daughter.

Lawler, who said she felt 'really grateful' that she was able to make it work and step back from the job she had done for six years, spoke to Thornton after her first week at home with her one-year-old Noa.

She said: "I know that I feel better. And I feel like I can breathe and I feel happier... Even without childcare, I've loved every minute."

She has spoken openly about her post-natal depression before, and told Thornton that six months previously she would not have been able to say she had loved every minute.

"I was in such a mess, and I never thought I'd be happy again," she explained. "And I never thought I would spend the day with Noa where I didn't cry. I feel like I've really come quite a long way."

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