Chaos erupts during heated Liam Neeson debate on 'Good Morning Britain'

Good Morning Britain quickly descended into chaos on Wednesday morning as a panel of guests debated Liam Neeson’s shocking comments about wanting to kill a ‘black b*****d’.

Hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid asked the panel if Liam Neeson could ever be redeemed after sparking an international race row, and the situation went from heated to almost inaudible as the panelists shouted over one another.

Talk show host Niall Boylan said that while Neeson’s comments were racist, the Northern Irish actor is not an actual racist himself.

“This was something that happened 40 years ago….a week in his life….”

A furious Richard Blackwood, presenter and former EastEnders actor, said: “Is that the difference?”

“A week in his life…where he had dark thoughts…he felt ashamed…and learned….” Boylan began.

“If I said in a week of my life…” began Blackwood.

An exasperated Morgan interrupted the shouting pair with: “Wait a minute! Listen! I am a 53-year-old, soon to be 54-year-old white man.

Things escalated extremely quickly on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. (ITV Pictures)
Things escalated extremely quickly on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. (ITV Pictures)

“I have never had a second in my life where I wanted to go out on the streets looking for a random black man to kill.”

Blackwood then stood up and shook Morgan’s hand.

“I’ve never done that either!” declared Boylan.

“Sorry but anyone that does that is a murderous intent racist,” continued Morgan.

“I said recently on my show if anyone would harm my partner or my children I would get a gun and put a bullet through their head!” said Boylan.

Blackwood then waved his hand in Boylan’s face and said: “You stop that!”

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who was very much caught in the middle of the highly animated row, pushed both men’s arms aside and said:

“I am going to speak right now! Can I just say these are two different things.

“Yes there is vengeance when someone close to you is hurt, but there is a difference here. He said he went out looking for any black man,” Mos-Shogbamimu said.

Blackwood agreed with her comments and argued that Neeson must be racist as he was generalising that all black men are bad, and deserve to be punished.

Viewers at home appeared shocked at the incredibly heated debate, with several mocking the lack of control Reid and Morgan appeared to have over the riled up panel.

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