Charlie Stayt says Naga Munchetty is 'not helpful' as BBC Breakfast pair clash over quiz

Munchetty interrupted as Stayt tried to solve a puzzle

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Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast. (BBC)

What did you miss?

Tension flared on BBC Breakfast as Charlie Stayt told Naga Munchetty she was “not helpful” when she waded in as he tried to solve a brain teaser.

The presenters had been discussing GCHQ’s annual Christmas puzzle set by spies and clashed when Stayt tried to work out a problem himself.

The special challenge was set for viewers of the BBC morning programme and the TV star had decided to give it a go. But Munchetty couldn’t help chiming in, seemingly leaving Stayt a little frustrated.

What, how and why?

BBC Breakfast fans were welcomed on Thursday by hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt, who attempted a challenging brain-teaser live on air. (BBC)
Charlie Stayt attempted a challenging brain-teaser live on air. (BBC)

Viewers were given a list of clues and were challenged to try and come up with the answer. As the camera cut back to the presenters, Stayt said: “I was actually trying to do it then and you were just constantly telling me I was getting it wrong. I was writing things down and you were literally saying, 'No that's not right, no that's not right.'"

“I was being helpful and I was actually giving you the answers,” Munchetty replied. Leaning over to the notepad where Stayt had been scribbling down his theories, she pointed something out and said: “Because that’s not right.”

Looking unimpressed, Stayt responded: "Well I've got to try. It's not helpful is it?" Munchetty was undeterred and shrugged as she insisted: “I thought it was helpful.”

She then smirked as she said they could have another look at the challenge. “We can break down the BBC Breakfast puzzle,” she said, as Stayt shook his head.

BBC Breakfast fans were welcomed on Thursday by hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt, who attempted a challenging brain-teaser live on air. (BBC)
The presenter told Naga Munchetty she was 'not helpful'. (BBC)

After going over the clues, Munchetty asked her co-star: "Does that make sense Charlie? You're huffing." They also talked about how a colleague would probably be able to figure out the puzzle. "Well he probably does know all the answers - there's nothing wrong with knowing the answers," Munchetty said.

Stayt grumbled that you had to give people the chance “to think”.

What did BBC Breakfast viewers think?

The light-hearted squabble ticked viewers, with one agreeing with Stayt as they posted "Poor Charlie" on X. "Love Naga, but with Charlie on this one," said someone else.

Others said they were also struggling with the challenge, which gave a list of five clues and asked people to form a mystery word from the answers. However, some reckon they had cracked it, with one posting: "Easy peasy."

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