Cheryl addresses Liam Payne break-up rumours with cryptic response

The Cheryl-Liam relationship nightmare continues after the former shared a worryingly cryptic message in her first interview since rumours began to fly.

With the former Girls Aloud singer, 34, and the ex-One Directioner, 24, reportedly on the verge of splitting up, Cheryl has been very quiet on social media and in speaking about her personal life.

But while appearing on BBC Breakfast this morning (20 February), she was asked about the current headlines surrounding her and the father of her baby.

The former singer and X Factor judge was in Newcastle to open Cheryl’s Trust, a charity in close association with The Prince’s Trust, branding the new partnership as ‘the perfect marriage’.

It’s interesting she’d use the word ‘marriage’, considering reports that Liam has had enough of Cheryl’s rejection when it comes to getting married.

Stood inside the charity’s new £2 million building that aims to help disadvantaged youngsters, she refuted the idea that the break-up talk was frustrating.

‘No it doesn’t bother me at all as my focus is solely on this. I’ve waited for seven years to finally be here and none of that matters this is the most important part for me.’

Liam Payne reportedly seeks ‘divorce lawyer’ advice after unhappy Cheryl pushes for split
Liam Payne reportedly seeks ‘divorce lawyer’ advice after unhappy Cheryl pushes for split

She went on to talk about the charity itself, saying the good she’d like to do: ‘I’d like to help youth all over the country if I could but I’m starting in the heart of Newcastle as that’s my hometown, where I grew up and found struggles myself as a teenager.

‘And if I hadn’t of been fortunate enough to get out I don’t know where my life would be right now.

‘About seven years ago I had a real, big desire to want to do this and help youth and here we are now today with The Princes’ Trust.’

Only this week it’s been reported that the pair, who have been together for two years, are about to go their separate ways and would have already done so if it wasn’t for their 11-month-old boy, Bear.

With Cheryl supposedly unhappy with the amount of time he’s away touring and left at home raising their son, cracks in the relationship have emerged.

It’s since been revealed that, according to the Mirror, Liam has been spotted out partying with supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss over the weekend.

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