Chris Evans reveals he has had all-clear from cancer

The Virgin Radio host confessed to listeners he had been unable to sleep after receiving the happy news.

Chris Evans arrives at the Virgin Radio studios in south London for his first breakfast show on the station. (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)
Chris Evans is delighted to have been given the all-clear form cancer. (Getty Images)

Chris Evans has confessed he could not sleep after receiving the news that he no longer has cancer.

The Virgin Radio breakfast host, who announced on his radio show in August that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer, advised the biggest weapon against the disease is time - and getting diagnosed early.

Evans, 57, kept listeners hanging by revealing: “So, you know, sometimes when you can't sleep, there are different reasons for it, if you're worried about something, you could have eaten too late.

“You could be comatose, because you've drunk too much, and you wake up and you can't get back to sleep and your heart's racing. Loads of different reasons.

Chris Evans at Carfest 2023
Chris Evans confessed he couldn't sleep after receiving the news he was cancer free. (Alamy)

“I didn't sleep, hardly at all last night… two or three hours. A good night, I'll get six, four or five and because I wake up every 90 minutes for my circadian rhythm, and I surrender to that now, actually I look forward to going back to sleep three times a night, because that's where I live.

“But I never thought for a second you could lose a night's sleep because of an email like this.”

He then showed the email to his co-presenters, Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne, who excitedly shared the good news by reading out the email from the consultant plastic surgeon who removed the cancerous growth from Evans's leg.

It read: “I forwarded the pathology report. It is excellent news. There is no residual disease. You have the all-clear."

Evans explained that after a biopsy of the unusual freckle on his leg was found to be malignant he had undergone surgery to have it removed.

Chris Evans poses during a photocall at the MIPCOM 2015 (International Film and Programme Market for Tv, Video,Cable and Satellite) in Cannes, southeastern France. The publicly funded BBC has published Wednesday, July 19, 2017, the names and salaries of its highest-earning actors and presenters, revealing that its best-paid star, radio host Chris Evans, earns more than 2.2 million pounds ($2.9 million) a year. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau, File )
Chris Evans initially dismissed the cancerous growth as just another freckle. (AP/Alamy)

He said: “And so at quarter to four last Thursday, I had cancer, and at quarter to five, I didn't. And I just found that out last night. And that's because time is your biggest weapon against it, if you have an abundance of it, and it’s the biggest weapon against you if you have a lack of it."

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Evans urged listeners: “If you're worried about anything, just bear in mind the fact that eight weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer and now I don't have it at all. At all. And that's why you just need to attend to things. And it's really tough, because for years I was the guy who wouldn't go anywhere near that. But you know, times have changed, thank God.”

The former TFI Friday presenter previously admitted he had dismissed the cancerous growth as just another freckle.

Evans previously revealed he has had surgery to remove polyps, as a precaution against colon cancer.

The former Top Gear presenter lost his father and two uncles to the disease and now has regular check-ups to ensure he catches any signs of early cancer.

Evans is very open when talking about his own health.

Chris Evans pulled down his trousers live on This Morning (Credit: ITV)
Chris Evans pulled down his trousers live on This Morning to show his varicose veins. (Credit: ITV)

In February 2021, he told how he was rushed to hospital with kidney stones after mistaking the symptoms for trapped wind.

In 2019, Evans dropped his trousers live on This Morning while discussing his varicose veins.

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