Chris Pine Reveals His Favorite Memes Of Himself, And His Answers Rock!

 Chris Pine in Don't Worry Darling.
Chris Pine in Don't Worry Darling.

Looking back at Chris Pine’s best movies, the clean-cut-looking actor is leading man material gracing the screen with the Star Trek movies, Unstoppable,and the Wonder Woman movies. Then it took promoting his creepy role in Don’t Worry Darling to make the Hollywood actor to become meme-able. The Dungeons and Dragons actor reveals what his favorite memes of himself are, and the answer absolutely rocks!

Any unique behavior an actor exhibits is very quick to become a viral meme. Chris Pine was one of those actors becoming a meme star while promoting his role in Olivia Wilde’s movie Don’t Worry Darling. While speaking to E! News at the premiere of his directorial debut Poolman, the Star Trek actor was asked what his favorite memes of his was. Here was his A+ response:

Do I have a favorite meme of myself? That’s a good question. I really did, I really got a kick out of it, I don’t know if it’s a meme, but it was a shot of when I was in Italy for the Don’t Worry Darling thing and I was looking up at the ceiling and the comments were out of this world. They were so good.

This meme he’s talking about came from a press conference during the Venice premiere of the thriller-mystery flick. While director Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh got into a long-rumored feud with speculations revolving around Wilde’s alleged affair with her star Harry Styles, Chris Pine got swept up in the Don’t Worry Darling rumor mill as well. Namely, there was a rumor that Harry Styles spit on Pine. The truth was that the two had a jet-lagged conversation with the pop singer leaning into the Princess Diaries 2 star to tell him something. He described his brain as “befuddled” from traveling which made him struggle to answer press questions, causing him to look up at the ceiling zoning out.

Other than the “Dissociating Chris” meme of the actor staring off into the ceiling, there’s another meme of himself that the Hell or High Water actor gave a hilarious response to:

That and like the non-binary lesbian aunt thing is, I love that stuff too.

Just in case this answer went way over your head like it initially did mine, there’s an explanation for Chris Pine’s new internet reputation. The clean-cut look that The Finest Hours actor tended to fashion early in his career, but that's been tossed aside for a more rugged look. During the red carpet premiere of Poolman, Pine pulled off wearing shorts, a flower, a blazer and hiking boots to make his introduction as an incoming director. One X user posted a photo of him wearing a long white garment with a caption saying the Just My Luck actor was “entering his middle aged lesbian aunt phase. Or wine aunt.” While Pine’s new look at the Poolman premiere may be giving me The Big Lebowski vibes, I still dig it.

Chris Pine proved to the internet that he is indeed meme-worthy with his favorite memes of himself being when he was staring off into space during the press conference of Don’t Worry Darling and being called a “lesbian aunt.” He's clearly showing admirable qualities in being able to laugh at himself and staying genuine to who he is.

You can see Chris Pine in Don’t Worry Darling with your Hulu subscription and Max subscription. The 2024 movie release of his directorial debut Poolman will play in theaters on May 10th.