Chrissy Teigen and John Legend respond to 'sick' claims they are part of a celebrity paedophile ring

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are no doubt used to being the subject of false rumours and fake gossip stories, however, the stars were understandably unable to ignore the latest vile claims that they were hit with on social media.

The pair were outraged and have said that they have taken legal action when a verified Twitter conspiracy theorist with over 50,000 followers accused them of being part of a celebrity paedophile ring, making reference to their 20-month-old daughter Luna.

John and Chrissy have threatened legal action. Copyright: [Rex]
John and Chrissy have threatened legal action. Copyright: [Rex]

Off the back of the 2016 debunked ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theory that a pizzeria in Washington D.C. was the headquarters for a child trafficking ring led by politician Hillary Clinton, Liz Crokin took to Twitter to claim that Chrissy and John dressing their daughter in pineapple, hotdog, and Alice in Wonderland costumes was “proof” that they were involved in trafficking.

Sharing screenshots of some of Liz’s tweets, pregnant Chrissy wrote: “I debated saying something about this but I’m pretty disturbed over here. The fact that there are people with these… thoughts… is really scary.

“Apparently dressing my daughter as Alice in Wonderland and a hot dog and having a pizza emoji on Snapchat has to do with pizzagate and being uhhhh darksided. Holy s***. That thread is wild. Enjoy. [sic]”

Despite initially trying to make light of the allegations, Chrissy later added: “Yeah yeah it’s ‘just Twitter’ but I’m pretty sure this *sick* person is saying we are darksided pizzagate pedophiles who traffic our daughter. Ummmmm this is really scary s***.

“Thank you, Twitter, for verifying somebody who is esentially accusing me (with pictures of my daughter) of child abuse and pedophilia to their 50,000 followers. [sic]”

She further questioned: “But if I dressed Luna up as Alice, wouldn’t I be on their side and ‘following the white rabbit’?? Why would I post it? What does a hot dog symbolize? Why would I willingly choose a pizza if I were in a secret pizza cult? Why am I trying to even make sense of this still please hel[p]”.

The pair have 20-month-old Luna together. Copyright: [Rex]
The pair have 20-month-old Luna together. Copyright: [Rex]

The model went on to demand that Liz apologised to her and even questioned if anybody knew any good lawyers after the self-proclaimed ‘investigative journalist’ replied to the star’s tweets with: “Chrissy you run in circle with people who rape, torture & traffic kids. This is a fact, I expose sex trafficking for a living. [sic]”

Chrissy’s husband John added: “You need to take my family’s name out of your mouth before you get sued”, before sharing a thread that explained the ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy to his 11.3million followers.

Upon the mention of a lawsuit Liz began to backtrack, claiming that Chrissy and John “could be victims themselves” and that they simply “know about” the paedophilia in Hollywood, however, Chrissy remained defiant, tweeting: “You lead people to believe WE were endangering our child. Trafficking OUR child. You posted photos OF MY child.

“Don’t backtrack now and say we ‘run with’ pedophiles. I am taking this FAR, Liz. Your s*** ends here.

“I don’t care HOW you backtrack or WHAT you deleted. I have it ALL. I’m the last person you are f***ing with. You are DONE with me and my family. You are going to court.

Chrissy is taking legal action. Copyright: [Rex]
Chrissy is taking legal action. Copyright: [Rex]

“You have been f***ing with too many people for too f***ing long with NO regard for your words and NO consequences. I’m the LAST. It’s OVER. [sic]”

Summarising the night’s events, Chrissy told her followers: “It is INCREDIBLY weird to be two (semi) normal, ridiculously boring human beings who literally make food, watch tv and clean up dog barf in any kind of off time and then be suddenly accused of being in Hollywood’s hottest pedo ring.

“What a year what a year, 2017.

“With that, I will be done and let these people further incriminate themselves. [sic]”

Yahoo Celeb UK have contacted Chrissy’s reps for further comment.

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