Close knit family: Festive gran knits 28 matching Christmas jumpers for her family (including the dog!)

The Gover family with their festive knitted jumpers. Knitting-mad Doreen Gover, 78, spent up to eight hours every day making red festive-themed sweaters for 28 family members. (SWNS) (SWNS)

Festive great-granny Doreen Gover has knitted matching Christmas jumpers for all 28 members of her family - including the pet DOG.

Talented Doreen, 78, spent up to eight hours a day making the red festive-themed sweaters - out of 25 miles of wool.

Doreen picked up her needles in January and set about creating 28 jumpers - all with the same snowman or reindeer-pattern.

She made the jumpers for three generations of her family, and even knitted one for her Springer Spaniel Cookie.

Doreen, of Leatherhead, Surrey, knitted out her four children, nine grandchildren and ten great grandchildren - the youngest being only a few weeks old

Proud Doreen said: "It was just for fun. It was something fun for me to do to pass the time, and it put a big smile on everybody's face.

"I love my family, and I really enjoyed doing something that has made them so happy. The girls got snowmen and the boys got reindeer, but some of the girls wanted reindeer.

"I used patterns at first, because I've only been knitting for 18 months, but I think I'm getting pretty good at them now."

She added: "I initially started knitting just for something for me to do. I started off just making a couple of jumpers but it snowballed from there.

"I started getting requests, and I didn't want anybody to feel left out. You really have got to be knitting all the time to make so many jumpers.

"I would knit whenever I got a spare moment, from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. I even took my knitting with me wherever I went."

Son-in-law James Spoors, 48, said: "It's a lot of time and effort. She's doing really well.
You'd just hear the clicking of her needles when she was doing them.

"She's even knitting more at the moment, trying to get them knocked out for Christmas."

Retired shopworker Doreen took up knitting when her husband Roy died 14 years ago.

She said: "Once I've finished my own jumper, I suppose I better get started on next year's Christmas presents.

"I should have started off with socks and then moved on to jumpers. I'm not sure what I can knit for everyone now."