Comedian Al Murray reveals he gets sent baldness cures

The 54-year-old comedian shaves his head for his stand-up persona The Pub Landlord.

Watch: Al Murray explains why he doesn't need hair loss cures

Al Murray has revealed he gets targeted on social media by companies selling hair loss cures.

The 54-year-old comedian shaves his head for his stand-up persona The Pub Landlord and appeared on Good Morning Britain with his hair grown out.

Murray said: "I have a full [head of hair]. They always say have you lost weight? I get sent things on Instagram baldness cures and stuff. But I don't need to."

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Host Richard Madeley asked him of his alter-ego: "Do you ever feel you have created a monster you can't escape?"

Al Murray is not actually bald. (Getty Images)
Al Murray is not actually bald. (Getty Images)

Murray quipped: "I do when I look in the mirror and I've cut my hair off, yeah."

Madeley asked: "Oh so you actually cut your hair off? You don't wear a bald thing?"

Murray - who has co-written a new Spitting Image musical stage show - revealed how he came up with his comedy character The Pub Landlord on a whim one night at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

He said: "I did a show with Harry Hill and I'd come on to compere and stick all the bits together and it didn't work.

Alastair James Hay, better known as comedian 'Al Murray' who portrays an English pub landlord, poses with a pint of beer poured from a fire engine converted into a mobile pub after handing in his nomination papers at Thanet council offices on April 8, 2015 in Margate, England. Hay, in his comic guise of Al Murray is standing in the South Thanet seat against UKIP leader Nigel Farage.  (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)
Al Murray shaves his head to perform stand-up as The Pub Landlord. (Getty Images)

"So the night we got to the Edinburgh Festival we were in a bar and I said, 'Why don't we say that the compere didn't turn up and the barman has offered to full in?' And he went, 'Whatever.' And I went on and did it and it worked.

"So the next day I cut my hair off."

The Pub Landlord went on to become so popular he hosted three series of Saturday night entertainment show Al Murray's Happy Hour on ITV.

Murray admitted fans are always surprised when they see him with hair.

The Conservative Party's Craig Mackinlay, right, reacts after winning the count for the South Thanet seat beside, from left, Nigel Farage the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Al Murray a comedian who performs as
Al Murray stood for election against Nigel Farage for the South Thanet seat during the 2015 general election. (AP)

When he appeared on the ITV breakfast show in 2020 viewers were stunned to see how long his hair had grown in lockdown.

“I nearly didn't recognise him!” one person posted on Twitter, while another said he resembled late television presenter David Bellamy.

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“He looks so different but I prefer it,” said another, while one viewer asked: “Who knew Mr Murray was quite so gorgeous??”