Natasha Hamilton Slams Cruel '4x4 Mum' Jibes: 'I Stand By All My Decisions'

Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton is waving goodbye to all the haters who criticise her for being a '4x4 mum' (a mum who's had four children by four different dads), saying she stands by all her decisions and wouldn't change anything about her past.

HURRAH. Leave her alone, yeah?

Natasha Hamilton slams cruel '4x4 mum' jibes. Copyright [Mike Marsland/WireImage]
Natasha Hamilton slams cruel '4x4 mum' jibes. Copyright [Mike Marsland/WireImage]

The 32-year-old, who is now happily loved-up with 5ive's Ritchie Neville, has had to endure cruel comments about her relationship past, her weight and her looks since she joined the girl group in 1999, but will always proudly stand by every decision she's made when it comes to her family life.

All the love to you, Natasha.

Speaking to The Mirror, she explained: "I do get people saying nasty things because my children have different dads. But I feel I would have been a worse mum staying in relationships that were detrimental to me and my children’s happiness.

Natasha and Ritchie Neville welcome daughter Ella last year. Copyright [Instagram/natashahamilton]
Natasha and Ritchie Neville welcome daughter Ella last year. Copyright [Instagram/natashahamilton]

"Sometimes you have to walk away. I stand by all my decisions and feel I made the right ones.

"I’ve realised you can do all you can to make your life right and it’s not always down to you, it’s down to the other person, and you can’t control them.

"Is it what I wanted out of my life? No, of course not. But I have my lovely sons and now a daughter and you just have to stop dragging the baggage of the past around with you and move on."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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Natasha and Ritchie welcomed daughter Ella eight months ago, with the Atomic Kitten also having sons Josh, 12, Harry, 10, and Alfie, five.

Adding that she feels like she's "lived a million lives," the singer admitted that she's determined that her children's lives won't be affected by negativity.

"I want to build them up as much as I can, although I know I can’t wrap them up in cotton wool," she continued.

Little Ella is ADORABLE. Copyright: [Ok!]
Little Ella is ADORABLE. Copyright: [Ok!]

"They can hear negative things and sometimes other children can be cruel. I say to them, ‘Don’t take it in, people will say nasty things because they want to hurt you but it’s just words’.

"They know what’s happened in my life. I don’t keep secrets from them and I think now Josh and Harry are a little older, they’re starting to understand some of the tough positions I’ve ended up in.

"Josh said to me recently, ‘Mum, I really admire what you’ve done in your life because you’re not willing to settle for anything other than the best’.

Natasha with her eldest son, Josh. Copyright [Instagram/natashahamilton]
Natasha with her eldest son, Josh. Copyright [Instagram/natashahamilton]

"I was so touched. They’re wonderful kids and hopefully I can pass on some wisdom, so they make good decisions."


Haters are always gonna hate, but we admire this mumma for her positive attitude. Keep doing you, Natasha.

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