Common mistake 'will attract' fruit flies amid summer invasion

A common Fruit Fly or Vinegar Fly
-Credit: (Image: DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Brits are being warned not to make mistakes that are sure to attract fruit flies this summer. A waste expert has come up with some prevention methods to keep them away during warm weather.

Paul Jackson, from NRC Business Waste, said: "The predicted increase in fruit flies this summer highlights the need for good waste management. Rotten food attracts these pests, so it's important to dispose of it quickly."

How to get rid of fruit flies

Managing your compost

Paul said: "Keeping your kitchen compost bin covered with a tight-fitting lid is a simple yet effective way to ward off fruit flies and prevent infestations. Emptying your kitchen bin regularly, ideally every one to two days, can also help reduce the amount of food scraps attracting flies. Consider relocating the bin outside during warmer months to minimise the risk further.

"Try freezing your food scraps if space allows. This keeps them from decomposing too quickly and kills any fruit fly eggs present. Some kitchen compost bins are even designed to fit conveniently in your freezer, offering an alternative to countertop storage. If you do not have this option, regularly cleaning and bleaching compost bins can also help reduce fruit fly infestations."

Your bins

Paul said: "Carry food waste outside in a kitchen caddy before disposal to avoid spills, keep the environment clean and make food caddies well-ventilated. Also, keep waste out of direct sunlight to reduce bacteria growth and discourage fruit flies.

"Don't overfill caddy liners, as this can cause them to split and spill, and follow the recommended fill levels to avoid this. These waste management steps are important to prevent health hazards and the nuisance of fruit fly infestations."