Conspiracy fans are convinced that the world is going to end in March

Rob Waugh

End of the world: Mysterious planet Nibiru ‘set to wipe out all life with apocalyptic earthquakes’

Is a mysterious ‘death planet’ really hurtling towards us through space? Is a mystic prediction of the end of the world about to come true?

Almost certainly not: but that hasn’t stopped the conspiracy-obsessed corners of the web predicting that the end of the world is scheduled for March.

Many religious conspiracy theorists are convinced that the date ties in with the ‘Jubilees’ prophecy of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel, a 12th century mystic who wrote prophecies about the ‘Messianic end times’.

Believers say that this ties in with the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel, due on April 18.


Others claim that the prophecy ties in with internet myths about the ‘destroyer’ planet Nibiru.

(We should note at this point that both the ‘Jubilees’ prophecy and the fictional death planet Nibiru have both been predicted to end life on Earth several times before).

The Christian conspiracy theory fan who predicted that Nibiru would hit our planet last autumn has now rescheduled the apocalypse for spring this year.

Planet X: End of the world to begin on October 15, David Meade

David Meade says, ‘The more I study every month, I would say I expect an awful lot to happen to commence in the spring of 2018.

‘Anything from this Spring forward, anything will go.

‘Here’s what I believe is going to start in the Spring of 2018: I believe North Korea will ascend to become a world class super power in March of 2018.

‘I believe the great tribulation will begin after a short period of peace.

‘Planet X won’t appear until after the tribulation period commences, and I don’t think you can pin point a month, week and day but I do believe 2018 is high watch and I would be very surprised if a year from now, that we will be talking about anything except Nibiru.’

Much of this is based on the the ‘Jubilee’ prophecies of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel, a 12th century mystic who wrote prophecies about the ‘Messianic end times’.

The world will end in 2018, supposedly, because the Rabbi predicted that the Turks would rule Jerusalem for eight ‘jubilees’ (which was accurate).

But he also predicted that the ‘Messianic end times’ would begin one jubilee (50 years) after Jerusalem returned to Jewish rule.