Coronation poll: What do you think of King Charles?

File photo dated 26/01/23 of King Charles III during his visit to The Africa Centre, London. Charles III was the longest-serving heir to the throne before becoming monarch on September 8 2022 on the death of his mother Elizabeth II. The bestowal of the coronation crown upon his head will cement him as King in the nation's psyche. Issue date: Tuesday April 25, 2023.
King Charles III hasn't had the smoothest of starts to his reign, but his attempts to modernise the monarchy could help. (PA)

The British monarchy is entering a new era as King Charles III prepares for his coronation ceremony on 6 May. But how popular will he be?

His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was seen as a stalwart of our times, providing a sense of continuity to the UK that her successor may struggle to replicate amid shifting attitudes towards the Royal Family.

Indeed, the beginning of Charles's reign has been marked by significant instability, particularly around the fallout of Prince Harry's recent memoir, Spare, which makes a number of less than flattering claims about Charles as a father.

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Reports over his alleged £1.8bn private fortune – a figure disputed by the palace – and his reported attempt to evict his son and daughter-in-law from their home to make room for disgraced younger brother, Prince Andrew, have also sparked unwelcome headlines.

His interest in fighting climate change could be his saving grace among Gen-Z, however he has signalled an end to his decades of vocal campaigning now he is king.

As Charles looks for ways to bring the monarchy into the 21st century, he is widely expected to "slim down" the institution, but only time will tell if it's enough to win the public over.

What are your immediate impressions of Charles's reign?

A recent poll by YouGov showed only 32% of 18 to 24-year-olds think the monarchy should carry on, although support remains much higher among older groups.

Another survey suggested most British people are not interested in the coronation, even though many said they will still watch it or take part in the related festivities.