Coronation Street Bernie DNA twist as fans figure out identity of 'lost son'

Coronation Street's Bernie Winter might be at the centre of a massive DNA shocker as her "hidden son" comes to light.

Bernie has recently rekindled ties with her child Zodiac, now known as Kit Green. Viewers have seen Kit, a police officer, implicated in tampering with evidence in the Lauren Bolton case, seemingly aiding assailant Joel Deering by planting evidence on Nathan.

Kit is poised to disclose his true identity to his siblings Paul and Gemma, also named Apollo and Gemini, but the audience suspects another revelation is looming. It's been established that Bernie had one child adopted before having her twins, but some sharp viewers suspect she actually relinquished two children.

A theory among fans suggests Joel might be Bernie's offspring, proposing that when Zodiac was born, Bernie actually had twins. They speculate that Bernie's traumatic past could have led her to suppress memories of this period including the existence of Joel.

On Reddit, theories are swirling, with one viewer speculating: "Joel and Kit are non-identical twin brothers who were both abandoned and given up by Bernie hence their contempt for blonde women/girls. I've watched enough crime dramas to correctly assume that's the big twist coming up", reports the Daily Star.

Another fan questioned the plausibility: "Wouldn't she remember having twins?" which prompted the theorist to respond: "She's suffering from a delusional break from reality and forgot about the other twin she gave up."

Another fan was quick to echo: "Was there another soap or something where a character gave birth to twins but forgot about one of them? It's at the back of my mind somewhere," before remembering it happened to Kat Slater in EastEnders.

Over on X formerly Twitter fans had the same idea, with one writing: "In Corrie, we know Kit is Bernie's son. But twins run in families. What if Paul and Gemma aren't her only set? Kit's brother could be, drum roll... Joel. And that's why they're helping each other?"

More fans have suggested Joel and Kit could simply be working together, with one writing: "I'm still convinced that Lauren is really alive and Joel has her locked up somewhere in #Corrie. We still don't know yet if his ex is in on the plan and whether he's working with someone else, i.e. Kit."

"I was convinced Nathan and Joel are working together but now I'm not so sure. I now think Joel is working with Kit," someone else posted. A third user said: "I wonder if Joel is Kit's brother or even his drug dealer?"