'Coronation Street' is now the deadliest place in the world

Laura Hannam
Coronation Street is not for the faint of heart. (ITV Pictures)

It may just be a street of terraced houses, a pub and a few more local businesses – but this hasn’t stopped Coronation Street being ranked as the most dangerous street in the world.

New research illustrates just how deadly Corrie is, and its residents are a whopping 500 times more likely to be killed than any town or city in Greater Manchester.

Since the soap opera began in 1960 the Street has had 181 deaths – making it Britain’s most dangerous soap ever.

An incredible 32 characters have been murdered, 38 have died of heart attacks, 18 lost their lives to accidents and eight went up in flames.

However, the majority of the deaths were from natural causes, which given the thousands of characters we’ve seen come and go from the ITV soap, makes for a fairly realistic depiction of Manchester life.

Pat Phelan’s serial killer character boosted Corrie’s murder list to the top. (ITV Pictures)

The murder count has had a boost by murderous Pat Phelan, whose death toll reached four this year before his shocking exit storyline that saw him stabbed to death by Anna Windass.

The death toll data was gathered by Buzz Bingo.

Its spokesperson said: “Los Cabos (Mexico) has the highest murder rate, yet looking at murders per 1,000 people, you are four times more likely to be assassinated in Weatherfield.

“We also found that compared with other top British soaps, Weatherfield is where you’re most likely to meet a grizzly end as a result of an unfortunate accident.”

Corrie reigns supreme in its murder count as well with, to date, Emmerdale having had 27 and EastEnders 28.

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