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People lunch at the Penguin Eat Shabu hotpot restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

(Reuters/Athit Perawongmetha)

In pictures: How COVID-19 social distancing is being practised around the world

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

Nations around the world are implementing new social distancing measures as the global coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt daily life.

The majority of the world’s countries are tentatively adopting new systems as lockdowns are gradually eased.

Images from across the globe show a variety of new ways of life, including “quarantine greenhouses” in Dutch restaurants, remote televised school classes in Russia and streets divided by yellow guidelines in Denmark.

It comes as Boris Johnson announced his “road map” for lifting lockdown measures in England on Sunday.

From Wednesday, Britons will be allowed outside for unlimited exercise, while people will also be allowed to meet one member of family from another household outdoors, providing they are two metres apart.

People who are able to work from home are told to continue to do so, while those who are not have been advised to go back to their workplace so long as social distancing can still be observed.

Face masks will be encouraged for people in enclosed spaces who are in close proximity to others from outside their households, while Transport for London has ordered the mandatory use of coverings on the city’s transport networks.