Herd of goats takes over deserted Welsh town under coronavirus lockdown

A herd of goats took over a Welsh town where most of the residents are social distancing because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Dramatic pictured showed dozens of Kashmiri goats roaming the streets of Llandudno, north Wales, uninterrupted.

Police arrived in a patrol car and rounded up the 12 roaming Kashmiri goats and took them back to the hilly grasslands of the nearby Great Orme.

Despite their eviction, however, the herd returned to the sleepy town the next day.

Dozens of the animals took over the streets. (Wales News)
They were eventually taken back to the hilly grasslands where they live but later returned. (Wales News)

Andrew Stuart saw the runaways outside the pub where he lives and dialled 101 to speak to North Wales Police.

He said he thought he "was seeing things” when the goats were eating a hedgerow outside his pub.

Andrew added: “They sent a patrol car down who turned on the big red lights.

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“So, I’m sorry if the goats got arrested. But they were being very naughty."

The goats are well-known troublemakers in the area.

They were previously called “vandals” by a headmaster as they ate newly-planted trees at the local school.

The goats invaded the town where most residents are social distancing because of coronavirus. (Wales News)
The town of Llandudno is currently deserted because of coronavirus. (Wales News)

Town councillor Carol Marubbi told BBC News: "They are curious, goats are, and I think they are wondering what's going on like everybody else."

"There are very few visitors on the top [of the Orme], so they have come down in their droves," she said.

"There isn't anyone else around so they probably decided they may as well take over."

One of the goats resting in a hedge. (Wales News)
A goat climbing on roofs in the sleepy Welsh town. (Wales News)

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