Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• An article (Study suggests fibre-rich diet could prevent type 1 diabetes, 28 March, page 13) used the phrase “juvenile diabetes” as a synonym for type 1 diabetes. As the website says, “this term is generally regarded as outdated as, whilst it is commonly diagnosed in children, the condition can develop at any age”.

• We said that the Battle of Towton was fought in a snowstorm on 29 March 1461 “on the Yorkshire Moors” (Weatherwatch, 29 March, page 38). To clarify, the village of Towton, from which the battle takes its name, is not on the North York Moors as that phrasing might have led some readers to believe; it is a bit further south, near Tadcaster, between York and Leeds.

• Cornelia Parker’s Neither From Nor Towards was made from weathered bricks collected after houses fell into the sea, not “weather bricks” as we had it in a picture caption (Captured in the middle of the fall, 30 March, page 13).

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