Council begin legal proceedings against travellers who have set up camp on Weelsby Woods

-Credit: (Image: Katie Pugh)
-Credit: (Image: Katie Pugh)

Legal proceedings have started against a group of travellers who have set up camp in Weelsby Woods.

Earlier this week, a number of travelling families in around a dozen caravans arrived at the Grimsby park and pitched in a clearing within the woods. A number of cars and vans have also parked up at the site.

Officers from North East Lincolnshire Council have visited the site and advised the group that if they do not leave, they will face legal action. A spokesperson has now confirmed that the Council's delivery partner, Equans, has started statutory proceedings against the travellers.


A North East Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said: “Officers have visited the site to carry out a statutory welfare check and advise the group that they face legal action if they fail to leave.

“The law allows the council to move people on when they set up camp on public land without permission, regardless of who they are.

“The authority must follow a legal process through the courts in order to do this and as of yesterday morning officers from North East Lincolnshire Council’s delivery partner Equans had started those statutory proceedings.”

Humberside Police Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Peter Musgrave said: “The Neighbourhood Policing team continue to support and work in partnership with the local authority whilst travelling families are encamped on Weelsby Woods.

“As is always the case, the neighbourhood team are out on patrol in the areas where it is needed, listening to any concerns of the local community and engaging with the families at Weelsby Woods. If you do see our officers and have any concerns, please come and speak to us.”