Courteney Cox reveals the 'gross truth' behind her 'Friends' turkey head reenactment

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Watch: Courteney Cox shows ‘disgusting’ behind-the-scenes look at recreating ‘Friends’ turkey head

By Suzy Byrne

Courteney Cox proves that she’s committed to making people laugh.

For Thanksgiving, the Friends album recreated Monica’s infamous turkey head dance from the show — but used a real, raw bird.

The video was really funny, with likes from fans to co-star Lisa Kudrow, but she has since shared outtakes of the “gross truth” behind making the viral video. And it’s messy.

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(Screenshot: Courteney Cox)
Courteney Cox committed to the gag with the real turkey, wrapping her face in plastic wrap and balancing the heavy bird on her head. It took quite a few takes to get it right. (Screenshot: Courteney Cox via Instagram)

The new video — which runs with a “vegan discretion advised” warning — shows Cox, 56, with her head in plastic wrap as she attempts the stunt over and over until she gets it right.

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“It’s really f**king gross,” she says as she tries to get the poultry into position. But once on her head, she had to quickly take it off because “That bone hurts! Wah! It really hurts.”

In another bit, she said, “It’s so disgusting,” as she fought to stand straight up with it on. Someone was seen helping her and encouraging her to just do it quickly, but that didn’t help. “Give me that towel on my head,” to act as a buffer between the heavy bird and her head, she said, adding, “That hurts like a motherf**ker.”

(Screenshot: Courteney Cox)
Courteney Cox wrapped her face in plastic wrap to make it a little less "disgusting."(Screenshot: Courteney Cox via Instagram)

At another point, she couldn’t breathe. However, most of it was riddled with laughs and Cox asking, “Who’s got the behind-the-scenes footage?”

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Commenters were all about the outtakes, one writing, “The dedication.” Tan France put, “COURT!! This is so damn funny!” Though there was concern too, with actor Garret Dillahunt writing, “Dude. No. Do you need help? Text me. Blink three times rapidly. I will come for you.”

In the 1998 Thanksgiving episode of Friends, Monica goes to Chandler’s apartment after a tiff and put a turkey on her head, adding a hat and shades, in an attempt to win his forgiveness. In the moment, he accidentally blurts out that he loves her for the first time in their relationship.

Apparently, that scene has haunted Cox ever since. “If I get one more goddamn gif with that turkey on my head... I’m just gonna snap,” the actress said on Thanksgiving.

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After months — and years, really— of buzz about a Friends reunion, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, said last month it’s happening in March 2021. It was supposed to take place earlier this year and be part of the HBO Max launch, but due to COVID-19, it was bumped.

It is set to be filmed on the original Friends soundstage at Warner Bros. Studios, and the unscripted special will reunite the whole gang, also including Jennifer Aniston, Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer. Creators Martha Kauffman, Kevin Bright and David Crane are also part of the production.

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