Coventry school that makes 'everyone welcome' praised by Ofsted

Stoke Heath Primary School
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A primary school in Coventry has been described as a place with a 'family feel' where 'everyone is made welcome' daily and has received praise from Ofsted. Pupils are said to know what 'We are Stoke Heath' means at Stoke Heath Primary School on Heath Crescent in Stoke Heath.

Inspectors visited the school on Tuesday, June 4, and Wednesday, June 5. The school received an overall 'Good' rating and 'continues to be a good school'.

Inspectors say pupils happily come to school knowing they will be kept safe and well cared for. Pupils know that when they share their feelings and any worries they might have, staff respond appropriately.

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Pupils are said to 'enjoy their learning' and talk about being keen to 'learn about the past' and discuss their findings from experiments. When learning, pupils show positive attitudes and listen attentively to staff and their classmates, and those who need extra help receive it quickly, and achieve well across all subjects.

They are clear about how the school expects them to behave and step up to staff expectations. Pupils recognise and respect that some of their classmates need different types of support to help them behave well, and this helps everyone to feel included and involved. The school also provides 'valuable experiences' in the 'SH60' promise, so they understand the importance of growing up in a world where diversity is celebrated.

Since the previous inspection, the school has created and implemented an 'ambitious' curriculum. This is now 'working well' with pupils being able to remember more and do more. In each subject, teachers know what to teach and when, so when pupils move through the school, they build knowledge and skills.

On the other hand, disadvantaged pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) learn well. The school identifies if a pupil has barriers to learning in support plans, with teaching staff using the information to consider what they need to help them understand better. Pupils with SEND take part in activities to help their learning, i.e. written information which is less complicated than that given to peers. This helps them focus on keywords, rather than being confused with too much detail.

The school prioritises reading and is determined to ensure every pupil practices so they become fluent readers. The focus on reading and communication begins in the two-year-old nursery provision, where children have opportunities to acquire vocabulary, talk, and play with each other and staff. Staff check closely that pupils are keeping up with their early reading development, particularly in phonics. If anyone falls behind, then swift action is taken.

In the early years, children gain 'essential initial knowledge' relating to subjects so they are well prepared for their learning in Year 1 and beyond. In history, children talk about the past and rehearse sentences using the past tense, while in maths, they learn different aspects such as shapes and number knowledge including counting objects and chanting rhymes.

Pupils, families, and staff value the school-led family centre and the work of the family team. The team supports the school in many ways, including pupil's attendance and behaviour. Pupils can get on with their learning and concentrate without interruption, but there is tailored support for individuals who find managing their behaviour difficult.

The school recognises the importance of pupils taking part in a wide range of experiences. It ensures all pupils can take part in clubs and activities during the school week. Pupils' learning is further enriched by visiting cultural and historical places of interest. This helps to support pupils' spiritual and cultural development well.

To view the full Ofsted report and previous inspections at Stoke Heath Primary School, visit the Ofsted website.

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