Customers exempt from wearing masks threaten Thorpe Park with boycott


Angry customers have threatened to boycott Thorpe Park over its rules about mask-wearing on rides.

The theme park, in Surrey, does not allow mask exempt guests to ride at the front of rollercoasters.

One mother reacted with fury after visiting the attraction only to find her daughter could not enjoy the rides.

“My 18 year old at Thorpe park today, mask exempt-had to ride at the back of the rides!” she wrote.

She accompanied the post with a sign she says was given to her daughter, asking her to sit at the back.

Another said: “We won’t be going there. I will stick to my local fun fairs where they don’t request such nonsense. I will inform other maskless families I know…Once again, much appreciated.”

One person added: “This is segregation. You should be taken to court. You do not discriminate against people like this for useless masks that don’t work or for anything else. If masks did work you wouldn’t be worried about sitting next to a maskless person. Apologise to these people.”

A spokesperson for Thorpe Park said: “Thorpe Park Resort is committed to ensuring that all guests are able to safely enjoy visits to our attraction and we pride ourselves on making the health and safety of our guests our number one priority.

“Those guests who are exempt from wearing a mask are still able to ride all of our rides, but as a reasonable adjustment and part of our additional health and safety measures, we ask those guests to be batched towards the back of our rides in order to reduce the risk of air contamination.

“Other batching or seating arrangements that guests may also see is where we have reduced capacity and batching to maintain social distancing that can include empty seats or rows and where possible, grouping within household units.”

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