Calais after Brexit 'could be 10 times worse than Irish border'

Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent
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    If 70% of our food is imported from other EU countries ,guess we'll have to grow our own food if they can't get it to Britain :P
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    This is all part of project fear. All these things have solutions if there is a will on the EU side to find a solution.
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    Containerisation already works smoothly at other ports, where's the point in lots of heavily polluting diesel lorries commuting across 20 miles of sea? The money for HS2 should be spent on high speed freight routes, not getting people between cities 15 minutes quicker.
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    Sticky Beak
    When it comes down to it, the EU will not want to see their goods and services impacted by brexit as much as the UK doesn't. None of this scaremongering will come to fruition. 30 mile tailbacks at ports aids nobody and would be detrimental to the EU as well as the UK; the EU won't see any harm come to itself.
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    Long delays are unavoidable when the average time taken to clear one HGV is a multiple of the original and where the infrastructure hasn't changed. Even if there are more customs staff there still needs to be more bays for the wagons which may not be feasible at a sea port. The ferry service itself is likely to be impacted. It will be interesting to see the proposals to circumnavigate this problem.
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    We have a lot of ports. It was not sustainable to just rely on Dover Calais to provide the solution to increasing trade. Less trade with the EU will alleviate the problem. Load it on container ships instead.
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    well the only people affected will be the EU who sell fresh food. By the time we get it the shelf life will have gone down. This is a problem for both sides to start grown up talks and solve a problem, instead of one side trying to force us to remain in the eu.
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    old henry
    There were no problems prior to us joining teh Common Market. Goods traveled then and they will gain unless ,of cure, the Remoaners are busy undermining the freedom of the British to rule itself.Goods will come in through other ports and we shall buy less from the EU. This will hurt them and they will moan then. No more French wine only new World wine ,which is better anyway by far.
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    William Neilson
    Tell Peugeot & Renault that!
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    BUT if there are problems getting stuff to the EU then there will be reciprocal problems getting their stuff to the UK!! They can't have their cake with cherries on the top either!!