Cyclist gives Trump motorcade the finger following another visit to the golf course

‘Her 2020’: the unnamed woman has become a hero many Americans (Yahoo Magazines)

A protestor has been pictured giving Donald Trump the middle finger as his motorcade passed through Virginia.

A unnamed woman on a bike saluted the president as vehicles passed her on their way from the Trump National Golf Club.

The image, which has been dubbed “iconic” by critics of Trump, was taken near the Potomac river, on the outskirts of Washington DC

The White House pool report noted: “POTUS’s motorcade departed the Trump National Golf Club at 3.12pm, passing two pedestrians, one of whom gave a thumbs-down sign.

“Then it overtook a female cyclist, wearing a white top and cycling helmet, who responded by giving the middle finger.

“The motorcade had to slow and the cyclist caught up, still offering the finger, before turning off in a different direction. Motorcade is now gathering speed and heading for DC.”

Another woman held an ‘impeach’ sign as the motorcade passed (Getty)

The woman found many supporters on Twitter. One said: “Whoever she is I love her”

Another added: “If that image isn’t on T-shirts in 24 hours then we’re failing in every sense,” and later joked: “Let’s build her a statue.”

Another user said: “This image is nothing short of iconic!”

A Twitter user called “Trump’s Nanny” said she was the protester.

Her Twitter bio says: “I am Donald Trump’s babysitter, and you are, too. He is a deranged dictator who needs constant supervision from all of us.”

Jon Cooper, Chairman of The Democratic Coalition, said: “Will the gutsy cyclist who flipped off Donald Trump in his motorcade please contact me? I’d like to buy you a beer.”

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The pool report noted that the motorcade arrived at the Trump International Hotel at 7.50pm. It is Trump’s 96th day at a Trump property as president.

A website, Trump Golf Count, notes that the president has made 77 visits to his golf clubs since inauguration. This includes at least 33 occasions where he played golf.

It estimates that the cost to taxpayer is at least $76,068,890. He has visited his Virginia golf club on four consecutive weekends

Trump, who was being driven to the Trump International Hotel from one of his golf course, has been criticised for the amount of time he has spent at his own properties at president (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Trump, who criticised Obama for playing golf as POTUS, famously said: “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

It is believed Trump played golf on Saturday but the White House did not say who Trump played with.