Dad's anger as unsterile syringe found in daughter's Amazon birthday gift

Jeff Huthwaite had bought a sand lamp from Amazon for his daughter Jesss birthday, only to discover an unsealed bag containing a syringe complete with a needle inside the box.
-Credit: (Image: Jeff Huthwaite)

A dad-of-two has been left outraged with Amazon after his daughter's sand lamp birthday gift came with an unsterile syringe and needle. Jeff Huthwaite, from Stafford, said it was lucky he checked before handing over to his daughter.

The product has since been removed from sale by Amazon. this came after be purchased a product that promised: "This product is not equipped with syringes and needles."

Jeff, from Stafford, expressed his disbelief at what actually turned up. He said: "Luckily I checked inside the box before I gave it to Jess for her 11th birthday. She had wanted this sand lamp - it appeals to kids - and I was fuming when I found the complete syringe and needle inside."

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He added: "I contacted Amazon straight away and they offered me my money back when I rang them and they wanted me to send the item back. But I said 'No, you need to do something about this and recall it because it's an item that appeals to kids'."

"I'm a nurse and there shouldn't be hypodermic needles in products like this and this needs highlighting. It's made in China and, without being funny, China has all sorts of diseases that we might not have in the UK so it's quite worrying that there was an unsealed, unsterile hypodermic needle in there.", reports Stoke on Trent Live.

"The reality is if she'd had a needle stick injury she would have had to have loads of blood tests to make sure there was nothing there because she could get Hepatitis B or all sorts of diseases. The bag was already opened, I didn't open it, so the syringe could have just dropped out of that bag.

"The needle is supposed to suck out air from the lamp, but this specific one said there was no needle inside on the description. I don't even know if you can buy hypodermic needles like that anyway. They shouldn't be sending such things in the post whether it's the law in China or not."

"I've reported it to trading standards. I just expect Amazon to do the right thing and recall the lamps immediately. Even if they take this specific company off the shelves there are plenty of other companies selling the same thing on Amazon. It's a real worry and Amazon should be worried too, because they are setting themselves up for a lawsuit if anyone gets injured, or even worse, a nasty disease.

"They did say they are escalating this immediately, and I hope they react in the right way immediately. There are a lot of one-star reviews saying about the needle, so I'm glad I checked inside the box first."

Amazon is conscious of the issue. A spokesperson for Amazon said: "Safety is important to Amazon and we want customers to shop with confidence on our stores. We have proactive measures in place to prevent suspicious or non-compliant products from being listed and we monitor the products sold in our stores for product safety concerns. We have removed the product."