Daisy May Cooper tells Ben Shephard: You smell like I wanted you to

The This Country star told her celebrity crush "You smell like bunny rabbits".

Watch: Emotional moment Daisy May Cooper meets crush Ben Shephard

Daisy May Cooper was shaking with emotion as she met her dream man Ben Shephard for the first time.

The This Country star was interviewed on Good Morning Britain after being unmasked as Otter on The Masked Singer and ran into the studio wrapped in Ben Shephard print blanket to the tune of Whitney Houston's I will Always Love You, before embracing him tearfully.

Cooper, 36, told Shephard, 48, "You smell like what I wanted you to, like bunny rabbits."

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The comedian, who dedicated her autobiography to the TV presenter, despite never having met him, "because he's f***ing fit" confessed: "I'm shaking. My heart is pounding out of my chest."

Daisy May Cooper has met her celebrity crush Ben Shephard for the first time live on TV. (Getty Images)
Daisy May Cooper has met her celebrity crush Ben Shephard for the first time live on TV. (Getty Images) (Jo Hale)

Susanna Reid asked Cooper where her crush on Shephard had come from.

The Am I Being Unreasonable star said: "When I was younger I think you came on my television and I've never looked back since.

"You are the most beautiful man in the world. It's like you are chiselled from marble."

Mother-of-two Cooper is single after splitting from her husband in 2021, while Shephard has been married to wife Annie Perks since 2004, and they share two children.

Ben Shephard hosting Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid.
Ben Shephard hosting Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid. (ITV)

There was mixed reaction to Cooper and Shephard's meeting from viewers.

Some were embarrassed and found it "creepy".

One tweeted: "How is this Daisy May Cooper/Ben Shephard thing being allowed to happen? It's incredibly cringeworthy."

Another commented: "Pass a bucket."

Daisy May Cooper was Otter on The Masked Singer. (ITV)
Daisy May Cooper was unmasked as Otter on The Masked Singer. (ITV) (ITV)

Other viewers found it heartwarming.

One posted: "We all need @benshephard hug and blanket on a Monday morning. Daisy May Cooper."

Another said: "Aww lovely It's fantastic when you meet your crush. I hope Ben takes you for brunch or coffee at least."

And a legion of Ben Shephard reposted his Men's Health topless cover from 2012 after Cooper admitted she had never seen it.

TV presenter and media personality Ben Shephard walks with his wife Annie Shephard in Westminster after an event, London, England
Ben Shephard with his wife Annie Shephard. (PA) (Imageplotter)

Cooper split from her husband Will Weston shortly after giving birth to their son in 2020.

She said: “I was desperately unhappy in my marriage, but didn’t realise it at the time, and then lockdown put this massive spotlight onto it. I had my son in lockdown. It was a mess. The hospital weren’t allowing the husbands to come in – and that’s when I knew I couldn’t go back to him.”

Cooper rose to fame after writing and starring in BBC mockumentary This Country with her brother Charlie Cooper.

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She has been a panelist on comedy shows 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Never Mind The Buzcocks.