Dam Near Mankato, Minnesota, at Risk of Failure After Floods

The Rapidan Dam near Mankato, Minnesota, is at risk of “imminent failure” after flooding of the Blue Earth River, officials warned on Monday, June 24.

Dramatic footage captured by Benjamin Groskreutz shows a tree falling into the river as rushing water inundates the dam.

Emergency management officials were “made aware of accumulating debris at the Rapidan Dam” on Sunday, and have been monitoring the dam, the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday.

“The dam is currently intact and there is not an evacuation order in place for Blue Earth County residents,” the sheriff’s office said in another post.

A flash flood warning was in place for Blue Earth County on Monday,

Governor Tim Walz said emergency management officials are “acting quickly to ensure the safety of Minnesotans as the situation develops.” Credit: Benjamin Groskreutz via Storyful

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