Dan Walker has no memory of crash but says helmet saved his life

The TV presenter is drinking soup through a straw after his face was smashed in a collision with a car while cycling.

Dan Walker said he was 'glad to be alive; after being hit by a car on his bike. (Twitter/Dan Walker)

Dan Walker has revealed he has no recollection of the car crash that has left him forced to drink soup through a straw.

The 45-year-old TV presenter was cycling on Monday (20 February) when he was hit by a car leaving him with a battered, swollen nose and upper lip and says his helmet saved his live.

Walker shared a picture of his injuries after returning home from treatment and tweeted: "Blown away by all the lovely messages. Thank you. Just got home from hospital. Battered and bruised but - amazingly - nothing broken. Very thankful to still be here. I have no memory of anything and just remember coming round on the tarmac with paramedics & police around me."

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The former BBC Breakfast host went on: "The helmet I was wearing saved my life today so - if you’re on a bike - get one on your head. Smashed my watch & phone, ruined my trousers, my bike is a mess but I’m still here. Currently eating soup through a straw."

He added: "I understand this is a contentious issue and I don’t want an argument about it. I’m just happy mine worked today and the police officer at the scene called me this afternoon and said I would not be here now if I wasn’t wearing one. Back to my cuppa through a straw."

The Channel 5 news presenter also thanked all the NHS medical staff who had cared for him.

Dan Walker hosts Channel 5's 5pm news
Dan Walker said his helmet saved his life. (Channel 5)

He tweeted: "Thanks for all your kindness. Jamie & Shaun were so great in the ambulance - not sure I was making much sense. Thanks to Conor the copper, Charlotte in x-ray & Hannah (below) for being so considerate & brilliant in such a busy A & E."

Walker originally shared a picture of his bloodied swollen face from the back of an ambulance, admitting he felt "glad to be alive."

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The TV presenter and journalist lives in Sheffield with his wife Sarah Walker and three children Susanna, 15, Jessica, 13, and Joe, 11. He commutes to London for work.

Walker left the BBC after 13 years last year after signing a deal with Channel 5 to present the 5pm News.

He had hosted BBC Breakfast since 2016 and has been replaced by Jon Kay.

Dan Walker with Sally Nugent (James Stack/BBC)
Dan Walker with Sally Nugent on BBC Breakfast. (BBC)

Walker competed in the 19th series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2021 and finally left the BBC dance competition with professional partner Nadiya Bychkova in the quarter-final after weeks of evading the dance-off thanks to votes from viewers.

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Before he joined the BBC Breakfast team Walker presented Football Focus on BBC from 2009 to 2021.