Dan Walker promised farewell tart for final day on 'BBC Breakfast'

Watch: Dan Walker announces date of his departure from BBC Breakfast

Dan Walker has been promised a homemade celebration tart to mark his final day hosting BBC Breakfast.

The 45-year-old TV presenter - who recently announced he is leaving the BBC after 13 years to host Channel 5's 5pm news programme - has confirmed his departure date from the show as Tuesday 17 May.

His co-host Sally Nugent, 50, told Walker: "We're going to have a leaving party. And I'm not going to buy you a present but I might bake you a cake, or maybe a tart."

Dan Walker and Sally Nugent on the BBC Breakfast sofa.
Sally Nugent says she will bake Dan Walker a farewell tart for his last day on BBC Breakfast. (BBC)

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Walker sniggered: "A tart would be lovely thank you. I look forward to that."

The TV presenter - who competed in Strictly Come Dancing last year - is already counting down the days until his last morning getting up at 3am to be ready to host the early morning show.

He revealed: “May 17 is my last day, so two weeks today.

"If you discount this one [show] because we’re on it, it’s only six more three o’clockers and then I’m out of here.”

Handout photo courtesy of Dan Walker of himself in a hallway at the BBC studios in London (BBC)
Dan Walker says the thought of his last day at BBC Breakfast is bittersweet. (BBC) (PA)

Speaking about leaving the show for pastures new he said: “It is nice but, as I have explained to you, it’s also quite… it was a big decision and it’s quite a sad one as well.

“The other thing to say is, 'Thank you', to everybody who sent so many lovely messages. And one thing I have realised, because lots of people want to chat to you, don’t they, about this programme, because it means an awful lot to an awful lot of people. It’s reminded me how special this show is and how much everybody who watches it loves it. So thank you very much to everyone who’s come up and said some lovely things.”

The father-of-three has hosted BBC Breakfast since 2016 and was only recently joined on the sofa by Nugent after Louise Minchin departed the show last September after 20 years.

Sally Nugent and Dan Walker.
Sally Nugent told Dan Walker he is getting a leaving party whether he wants one or not. (Getty Images) (PA Images via Getty Images)

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Walker competed in the 19th series of Strictly last year and finally left the BBC dance competition with professional partner Nadiya Bychkova in the quarter final after weeks of evading the dance-off thanks to votes from viewers.

Despite getting so far in the contest he chose not to take part in the live tour.

Before he joined the BBC Breakfast team Walker presented Football Focus on BBC from 2009 to 2021.