Dan Walker asks if it's 'okay to taser' an 11-year-old child

The broadcaster was mocked on Twitter for asking the question

Channel 5 News - Dan Walker. (Channel 5)
Dan Walker has gone viral on Twitter. (Channel 5)

Dan Walker has asked his Twitter followers if it would be okay to taser an 11-year-old with a knife.

The Channel 5 broadcaster wrote early this morning: "If an 11-year-old is brandishing a knife… is it ok to taser them?"

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The presenter quickly clarified that it wasn't a situation that he was currently experiencing but just asking a question as it related to a news story: "Just for clarity… this is not a live situation. It happened in Scotland and we are covering it on @5_News today."

Football - Royal Mail - Football Heroes Stamp Collection Launch - Wembley Stadium - 8/5/13 
Sports Presenter Dan Walker at the launch 
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Dan Walker asked if it was okay to taser a child if they had a knife. (Reuters)

The former Football Focus host was mocked by many with some of his followers posting pictures of Alan Partridge at the presenter.

Another joked: "Alan Partridge would appreciate the swift return of his phone-in topics."

One Twitter user cracked in response: "This would really add some spice to Junior MasterChef."

Another made a reference to Home Alone: "Tbf You never know what they might do. Saw a documentary about a kid in America; he was smashing paint pots off these two guys heads, set fire to one of their hats, and even electrocuted one of them some badly you saw his skellington and his hair was all sticking up everywhere."

Walker left the BBC for Channel 5 last year and it was announced that he would be the new face of Channel 5 News and host their broadcast alongside Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije.

BBC presenter Dan Walker during the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, London. (Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images)
Dan Walker hosts Channel 5 News. (Getty Images)

Walker has also been fronting other programming for the broadcaster including missing people documentary Vanished.

The show is in the style of Crimewatch and looks into various missing persons cases across the UK.

Vanished was well-received and a viewing success for Channel 5 as Walker tweeted: "Amazing numbers for a new show! WOW Thanks for watching, thanks to everyone who was willing to take part and we’ll see you next Thursday at 9pm on @channel5_tv."

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