Danniella Westbrook steps back from Twitter as 'constant bullying' is 'drain' on her mental health

The actor said she will no longer tweet herself but that a social media company will run her account

Danniella Westbrook
Danniella Westbrook has quit Twitter. (PA Images/Alamy)

Danniella Westbrook has said she is quitting Twitter - now known as X - for good because the “constant bullying” is “a drain” on her mental health.

The EastEnders star, 49, told fans last week that she was taking a break from social media as she had been getting a lot of “hate” online.

And she has now shared that she is stepping away from Twitter permanently, although her account will remain and will be managed by other people.

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Signing off in a last message, Westbrook told her followers: “This will be the last tweet I write as I have handed my Twitter over to a social media company to run for me.

“I find the childish taughting (sic) and constant bullying a drain on my mental health.

“I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive over the years & wish u love.

“But I feel I have no choice but to remove myself from this platform because they do nothing to stop trolls from constantly hating on people.”

Westbrook told her fans that she would still be on her other social media platforms.

“Much love Danniella x,” she ended the post.

The actor, who rose to stardom when she was cast as Sam Mitchell on the BBC soap, has been going through facial reconstruction surgery after suffering osteoporosis and damage to her nose because of past cocaine use.

She has been open about the fact that she is abused online, saying she gets criticised over her appearance and that some trolls have even told her to kill herself.

Eastenders/Danniella returns
Danniella Westbrook played Sam Mitchell in EastEnders. (PA Images/Alamy)

Her fans wished her well as she revealed her Twitter decision, sending love and saying how right she was to put her health first.

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One posted: “Well done for being able to have that understanding. Mental health is more important than followers.”

“Hang in there Daniella, don't let these sad people bring you down, they are not worth it,” said another.

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