'It's Dark Right Now, But Morning Comes': Warnock Claims Victory in Georgia Runoff

Reverend Raphael Warnock thanked his supporters in a video message released early on Wednesday morning, January 6, as he claimed victory in the US Senate runoff election in Georgia.

The AP declared Warnock approximately an hour after Warnock’s message.

“[I’m] a son of my late father, who was a pastor, a veteran, and a small businessman, and my mother, who as a teenager growing up in Waycross, Georgia, used to pick somebody else’s cotton,” said Warnock. “But the other day, because this is America, the 82-year-old hands that used to pick somebody else’s cotton went to the polls to pick her youngest son to be a United States Senator.”

Warnock thanked his supporters, and vowed to be a senator to all Georgians.

“Whether you voted for me or not, know this – I hear you, I see you, and every day I’m in the United States Senate, I will fight for you, I will fight for your family,” said Warnock. Credit: Reverend Raphael Warnock via Storyful