David Tennant is a shining example of how parents should support their trans children — AGAIN

David Tennant trans child
David Tennant trans child

Although Pride Month is always a great time to go out of your way to show your allyship, it's also great when that allyship continues past the month dedicated to it -- especially when you're a parent supporting your queer child.

Enter David Tennant, who many may remember as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. Tennant has five children, and last year, his wife, Georgia, posted a photo of their child, Wilfred, and confirmed Wilfred's usage of they/them pronouns and nonbinary identification.

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Particularly since then, Tennant has been vocal about his support for them and the rest of the community. He's worn shirts that say things like, "Leave trans kids alone, you absolute freaks" and has also been spotted wearing Pride pins that include the nonbinary and rainbow flags in the shape of a Tardis.

Now, Tennant has put his allyship to the forefront again as a tweet from Helen, @mimmymum on X, has started to circulate of him holding a pride flag and wearing a shirt that says, "You will have to go through me" in trans colors.


The shirt comes from Stevie Safe Spaces (and yes you can buy one for yourself) and is made for allies who "understand the importance of standing up for marginalized communities."

The details for the product on the website say this tee is more than just a piece of clothing, but also "a statement of defiance against those who seek to harm and discriminate against trans individuals."

It also encourages buyers to remember that lives are at stake, and that it's "imperative that we join forces to create a world where dignity, respect, and equality prevail."

The fact that this shirt exists -- and the fact that celebrities like Tennant sport it proudly -- are a positive light in an otherwise dark world that would still seek to persecute and harm LGBTQ+ youth. We're lucky to have Tennant, and his whole family, on our sides, and are grateful for all the other allies out there doing their best to lift us up.