Deadpool 3’s latest trailer has a hidden Easter egg which dismantles the MCU in 30 seconds

 Deadpool 3.
Deadpool 3.

As well as the new Deadpool 3 trailer featuring a small amount of new footage, it includes a hidden Easter egg that you probably missed.

Some eagle-eyed Marvel fans spotted a QR code in the new clip which takes viewers to a video of Ryan Reynolds reading out an intriguing disclaimer. In it, he makes a quip about the sequel being "paper thin" and mocks the formula of MCU movies to date in the most Wade Wilson way possible.

"We're very excited to be joining you, July 26," Reynolds says in the video. "Many of you are very excited, but we should set the table correctly. This film is as paper thin as a sequel to Battlefield Earth. We're mostly going to beat each other senseless, make enemies with Disney, tell a few dick jokes, make a few jokes at my expense, make a lot of jokes at Hugh's expense, and completely sidestep Marvel's mandated after-credits sequence, which if you haven't figured it out yet, is always just a commercial for another movie which will invariably end with a commercial for another movie."

He goes on to add: "So sit back, relax, let us lower your IQ and raise your heart rate while we travel to a vapid Dreamland, a place where grown men and grown women walk around in tights, and act like it's not a giant cultural cry for help. This is CINEMA."

It’s a typically tongue-in-cheek response to the ongoing debate around Marvel movies, and their place in cinema, which has been a topic of discussion for years (thanks Martin Scorsese). However, it feels particularly notable at this moment thanks to Marvel’s last few films and shows not hitting as well with audiences and critics.

The first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine set the Merc with the Mouth up to save the MCU, and this latest nod confirms that all those involved are well aware of the pressure on this one. Either way though, the new movie looks tons of fun, with cameos, intriguing references to Loki, and some more Avengers-style Easter eggs on the way.

Deadpool & Wolverine is released on July 25 in the UK and July 26 in the US. For more, check out our guide to the Marvel timeline and all the upcoming Marvel movies and shows on the way.