Delhi Crematorium Expands as COVID-19 Death Toll Rises

Additional pyres were being built in a park near a Delhi crematorium on April 26, The Hindu reported, as COVID deaths in India mounted.

Families have had to wait up to six hours to cremate loved ones at Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan Crematorium, according to The Hindu.

A staff member at the crematorium told The Hindu that it was “operating from 6 am to midnight” to accommodate “the surge in COVID-related deaths.”

India had recorded 17,636,307 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 197,894 deaths as of April 26, according to government officials.

This footage was filmed by local journalist Sohil Sehran. He said it showed, “Cremation platforms being build outside Sarai Kale Khan crematorium to accommodate for the rising #COVID19 death toll.” Credit: Sohil Sehran via Storyful