Devoted Dog Refuses To Leave Injured Owner And Follows Him All The Way To Hospital

This devoted dog just couldn’t bear to be away from his owner - even when he was rushed into hospital.

When his master Cirilo Sanchez was being driven to A&E following a fight with a neighbour, Bandido the faithful hound chased the truck.

He then jumped into the moving vehicle as it sped through the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion.

And once they arrived at casualty, he obediently waited outside the unit as his owner was being treated.

“My dog comes with me everywhere,” said Sanchez.

“He won’t let me go anywhere by myself and since he is my faithful friend, he came along,” he added.

An image of the inseparable duo was posted online last week, and has since gone viral.

Paraguayan social media users praised the pooch, describing the incident as “amazing” and “incredible.”

A police spokesman said that the animal “clearly knew that its owner was inside, and refused to leave the door, waiting for him to come out.”

It was not revealed how long the dog waited for his owner.

But it was later reported that Sanchez was eventually released from hospital and that both him and his dog returned home together.

(Pictures credited to CEN)