New Dior fashion collection launched in Perthshire inspired by Scotland's national animal

New Dior fashion collection launched in Perthshire inspired by Scotland's national animal

A Dior fashion collection which will be shown in Scotland tonight (Monday) has been inspired by the country’s national animal.

The legendary French fashion house will showcase its 2025 cruise collection at Drummond Castle near Crieff, which was used in Outlander and the film Rob Roy, this evening in front of VIP guests including Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

And the brand’s creative director Maria Graziano Chiuri has revealed that she took inspiration from the mythical creature when designing the garments.

She revealed: “I was inspired by this beautiful tapestry at the Muse de Cluny in Paris - The Lady and the unicorn - one of the thirteen Unicorn Tapestries whose origins and iconography are shrouded in mystery. Presumably produced at the crossroads between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, their precise meaning remains unknown.

“The figure of the lady is surrounded by floral elements and accompanied by the unicorn and other animals found in early medieval bestiaries - all of which are associated with different virtues such as purity and love.

“The unicorn is one of the primary elements of Celtic mythology associated with divine power, pride and strength.

"Chosen as the Scottish national animal since the 12th century, it symbolises purity and innocence, but also fortitude and independence - difficult to capture or conquer. Before the unification of the crowns, the Scottish emblem depicted two unicorns supporting a shield.

"When Scotland and England unified, one of the two unicorns was replaced with the lion, the English national animal.

"All of these symbols will be celebrated and reinterpreted in our next @Dior Cruise 2025 show which will be held at Drummond Castle Gardens on Monday 3rd of June.”

Scottish influences and collaborations are expected for the show, Dior’s first in Scotland since 1955, when founder Christian Dior put on a catwalk show at Gleneagles Hotel.

It is expected to include plaid by young Scottish designer of Le Kilt, Samantha McCoach, who’ll be sitting alongside her Italian grandmother Lena at the event.

Sam is the latest collaborator to weave her own thread manifested in a couple of edgily offbeat tweed kilts, according to Vogue.

Other VIP guests expected to show include milliner to the stars Stephen Jones, The Tudors and Peaky Blinders star Annabelle Wallis and Real Housewives of Jersey star Tessa Hartmann.

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