‘Disappointing experience’: Gordon Ramsay’s burger chain receives mixed reviews

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Gordon Ramsay attends 13th annual Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit Grand Tasting event (Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d )
Gordon Ramsay attends 13th annual Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit Grand Tasting event (Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d )

Gordon Ramsay’s west London burger restaurant has earned mixed reviews from customers, with one person branding the food as “inedible”.

The High Street Kensington branch of the Street Burger chain opened in May, almost six months after the first restaurant launched in the City of London in December 2020.

Five months on, the branch has received a barrage of negative reviews on TripAdvisor.

Out of the total 53 reviews, 10 diners voted the restaurant as “terrible”, while a further 10 said it was “poor”.

Several of the reviews described the Michelin Star chef’s burgers as “tasteless” and “dry”.

The chain boasts a relatively simple menu. All burgers are priced at £15 and are served with a choice of fries and a soft drink.

They come in a range of meat options, including lamb, beef and chicken. There is also a vegan and vegetarian option.

“If you like burgers rare to medium rare don’t even bother going. Their policy is to serve their meat well done which results in burgers which are tasteless and hard as a brick,” one customer wrote.

“Honestly, it was the worst burger ever. Which is sad because the service was great and to be commended.”

The UK Food Standards Agency recommends that all burgers should be cooked well-done to kill harmful bacteria on the surface of the meat.

A steak may be served rare because the searing process kills off bacteria. But when meat is minced to produce burgers, these bacteria spread throughout the patty.

One customer, who ordered the #Bae Burger – a beef patty with treacle-cured bacon, fried egg and cheese – said it was “terrible”.

“The egg was so over cooked, the bacon was chewy and half raw, the burger was over cooked and really dry,” they said.

“We waited an hour for the food to arrive from when we ordered and the restaurant was half empty.”

Despite some of the poor reviews, most customers who have visited the restaurant had a positive experience.

It received a top rating from 25 diners, some of which said they received “great service” and “delicious food”.

“I had the BAE burger and it was amazing. The meat was just great and the sauce so tasty,” one person said.

“Staff were really kind. The drinks were also perfect. Will for sure be coming back to have some more espresso martinis.”

Other diners praised the restaurant for being good value for money.

“This was a different sort of Ramsay restaurant visit, burger fries and unlimited soft drink £15, the staff were great attentive the decor is awesome,” one customer said.

“I would have loved to have had a burger cooking option but overall really enjoyed the visit. Don’t expect the same finesse as you would in the other Ramsay restaurants and you will really enjoy this.”

The Independent has contacted Gordon Ramsay’s representatives for comment.

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