Discover how to eradicate gravel weeds using three everyday household items

Gravel path full of weeds
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For homeowners, dealing with pesky weeds can be the bane of their lives. This problem is especially frustrating for those who own patios, or better yet, gravel driveways.

A plethora of typical gravel weed species exists that are fearless squatters on your artistic gravel surface. These include grassy weeds like henbit and purslane, as well as woody weeds such as broadleaf and dandelion.

Not to worry though gardening fans have shared this handy tip about using white vinegar, salt and dish soap..

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Enthusiastic gardener Carley Meadow posed a question to her fellow gardeners: "Hi, I've got white vinegar and salt. How do you apply them to weeds on a gravel driveway? Are they mixed together? ".

From the responses, it turned out that dish soap was key for the effectiveness of vinegar and salt on eliminating unwanted gravel weeds, reports the Express.

Jennifer Hill emphasised: "You must add washing-up liquid to it for the salt and vinegar to stick to the weeds."

Supporting this statement, Mike Turner added: "Mix the vinegar and salt with dish soap as that's what helps them grab onto the weeds and kill them for good."

Anne Rodgers agreed, noting: "Salt, vinegar and washing up liquid. They say the soap clings to the weeds, kills them quicker."

Peter Laing provided specific measurements for this homemade remedy: "One gallon of white vinegar, one cup of salt and one tablespoon of dish soap."

"Spray directly onto weeds. This is for areas such as gravel drives and patio paths only as it poisons the soil."

Keen gardeners are advised to test this treatment on a small piece of turf before applying it to larger areas, just to be sure it doesn't cause any unintended harm.

The ideal time to use this homemade weed killer is at midday or just before when the sun is at its peak - preferably on a dry sunny day.

Before spraying your plants, give them a shoogle to knock off any insects and spare them from harm.

For those small nuisances and baby dandelions, simply spray the solution straight onto the leaves.

If you're dealing with a hardier, well-set weed, you'll want to cover the leaves in spray and pour a good helping of the solution right onto the plant. You should see those pesky plants starting to wilt within an hour.