Dissolving swim trunks are real, as an unlucky man found out after he was pranked on vacation in Ibiza

A British man was left baring it all after his friends pranked him with dissolving swim trunks. (Photo: Rachael Whittaker via Facebook)

It seems like a nightmare: One moment you’re enjoying your beautiful vacation, and the next thing you know, your swimsuit dissolves, leaving everyone at the pool to eye up everything God gave you.

Lee Kenny, a British man on vacation in Ibiza, was enjoying a hotel’s pool with his wife and a group of friends when that specific nightmarish incident occurred.

Kenny was the target of a prank involving dissolving swim trunks — and it was all captured on video.

“My shorts are broke! My shorts are broke!” Kenny can be heard shouting in the pool. Instantly, his friends break out in laughter, and he realizes that those he holds dear may be the culprits. “What did you do?” he asks.

Eventually, Kenny is forced to leave the pool and make a dash for his room. A helpful member of the pool’s staff tries to hide his buttocks with a serving tray.

“My husband had heard about some ‘dissolvable swim shorts’ and thought it would be funny to set up our friend Lee Kenny for when we go on holiday,” Rachael Whittaker told Unilad. “Everyone was in on the dissolvable swim shorts secret, except for Lee and his wife. We didn’t want to risk her letting it slip.”

Whittaker’s husband ordered the shorts from Little Wedding Treasures and even had them custom-made with Kenny’s initials. “Lee took great enjoyment in showing off to the lads how special and important he was for having such great shorts. [He] proudly arrived at the pool …with no idea what was about to happen,” she said.

The shorts, which look and feel like normal swimwear, react to a chemical in the pool causing them to dissolve. Kenny, who is bound to have trust issues now, returned to the pool in a different suit, and his wife told them that they used a “spray” on all of his swimwear that would cause it to dissolve.

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