Divorced couple go on First Dates TOGETHER in most cringe-worthy episode ever

This week’s First Dates offered its love hopefuls and audiences at home a show first, when a divorced couple attended the television show restaurant for respective dates together, as a form of moral support for one another.

The first episode of season 10 kicked off last night and things got a bit weird when daters Stuart and Mandy were waiting in the bar area for their respective blind dates. When barman Merlin asked how they knew each other, he was taken aback when Mandy revealed: ‘We were married for 11 years.’

The Channel 4 show then reached peak awkward when Stuart revealed to his date, Claire, that his ex-wife was actually sat on the table next to them, after she’d asked about his relationship history.

Naturally, she didn’t believe him until a tense few moments went by and she realised he in fact wasn’t joking.

The most awkward moment on the show ever? (Channel 4)
The most awkward moment on the show ever? (Channel 4)

‘Are you joking me? Are you having a laugh? Please tell me you’re joking,’ a shocked Claire pleaded.

But that wasn’t the only revelation, after he told her that they actually arrived together: ‘We came together. She’s got her life, I’ve got mine. It’s very amicable and we’re good friends.’

However, the situation got even worse when Claire asked when was the last time he’d been on a date, and joked ‘Don’t say yesterday.’ – which was followed by even more nervous laughter an the greatest of all first date sentences: ‘Well, if you count my ex-wife then yes’.

On Mandy’s table things weren’t any easier although it felt considerably less awkward. Her date, Adam, seemed to take the news that her ex-hubby was sitting a few feet away quite well, and even joked about ‘swapping seats’ with him. But ultimately he felt that he could flirty with his date being so close to the ex because it felt awkward. ‘I didn’t think it was appropriate to flirt with her,’ he said.

Channel 4 saw the funny side, as they intentionally placed the exes a table apart ready to capture that big reveal…

But viewers didn’t exactly find it an easy watch…

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