Dog Found After 36 Days in NYC Winter by Man Claiming 'Clairvoyant' Tracking Abilities

Hope was almost lost for Frankie, a rescue dog who spent 36 days missing in the cold New York City winter, but thanks to a tip and a determined animal tracker who says paranormal abilities help him find lost pets, Frankie was found alive.

According to Jim Tierney, the man who found the dog, Frankie had already been rescued once in Texas and had been brought to Brooklyn to be fostered. The moment he arrived, however, Frankie got out of the vehicle and fled, Tierney said.

“So he was displaced and essentially went into a feral state, having to adapt to cold,” Tierney told Storyful.

Frankie was first reported missing from the west side of Greenpoint, a neighborhood in north Brooklyn, on December 19, according to True North Pet Rescue Mission, a volunteer animal rescue-agency that led the search. A day later, Frankie had been spotted “crossing four lanes of traffic” on the busy McGuinness Boulevard, moving east toward an industrial area of Greenpoint that straddles a canal called Newtown Creek, True North said.

More than three weeks after that sighting, and with Frankie still missing, True North hired Tierney, a professional animal tracker who operates under the moniker The Intuitive Walker. Tierney’s business website says he works with “animal energy” and uses “intuitive impressions,” or “clairvoyance,” to help him track down lost pets.

“Jim’s passion is using his gift of clairvoyance, also known as the technique of Remote Viewing, coupled with practical lost pet strategies to give each lost pet the best chance of being recovered,” his website says.

Speaking to Storyful, Tierney said he uses such extrasensory skills “when leads dry up,” and said he has “used it in the past with missing people.”

Tierney told Storyful he printed “missing posters” for Frankie and set up cameras close around the industrial area where Frankie was last seen. “Based on my impressions we knew he was close to Newtown Creek but we were focusing on the opposite side,” Tierney said.

Frankie’s fortunes changed thanks to a tip from a tugboat crew member who spotted Frankie near a recycling plant over “two or three nights,” Tierney said. “He finally found my poster and called me. I got over there in three hours. We had him trapped in 15 minutes,” Tierney told Storyful.

Video taken by Tierney and posted on Instagram on Sunday evening, January 23, shows Frankie secured inside a cage at the location Tierney says Frankie was found, a little under a mile from where he first went missing.

“This is the little dude. He was all the way back here, by a barge, all the way by the recycling,” Tierney says as he pans the camera across the area.

True North Pet Rescue Mission thanked Tierney for his “tireless efforts,” and called Frankie’s rescue a “miracle.” The agency also thanked the tipster who reported seeing Frankie “four days in a row.”

Frankie was taken straight to a Veterinary Emergency Group clinic for “some fluids and TLC” and would be fostered to a new home, True North Pet Rescue Mission said. “He is a very happy, lucky, tired boy,” the agency wrote. Credit: @TheIntuitiveWalker via Storyful