Dolly Parton addresses Welsh ancestry and tells Ryan Reynolds 'don't push it' in brilliant video

-Credit: (Image: Reynolds)
-Credit: (Image: Reynolds)

Country music icon Dolly Parton has teamed up with Wrexham co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to promote the latest series of Welcome to Wrexham.

The documentary charts the rise of Wrexham AFC under the ownership of the Hollywood duo, who have overseen back-to-back promotions from the National League into League One, where they will compete next season.

The latest release of the hit docuseries goes behind the scenes as Phil Parkinson's side bid to climb out of League Two. Spoiler alert – they manage to do it.

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And Reynolds and McElhenney have enlisted the help of one of the biggest stars on the planet in Parton, who was born in Tennessee, after she revealed she may have Welsh heritage.

The celebrated singer revealed recently that her niece found out that her ancestry traces back to Conwy in north Wales. All is set to be revealed in a documentary later this year, with details currently thin on the ground, however it is thought the Welsh connection could come from Parton's mother, Avie Lee Owens. Parton's niece told the BBC's Today programme she had even started to learn Welsh on Duolingo after the ancestry discovery.

And marketing geniuses Reynolds and McElhenney didn't miss a beat. Just a month after the Parton revelation, the duo were desperate to get the music superstar involved in promoting Welcome to Wrexham with a typically tongue-in-cheek promotional video.

The video starts with Parton, who says: "Hey everybody, you may have seen my recent announcement about possibly having Welsh ancestry. Well, I was tickled to learn that and was even more tickled to receive a lovely gift from the Welsh Board of Tourism and Docudramas.

"They sent me this lovely (Wrexham AFC) scarf and asked if I would say a few words about Wales. All episodes of Welcome to Wrexham are now streaming... hey, now what is this?"

"Hi Dolly!" Reynolds and McElhenney reply as they pop on to the screen. Parton responds: "Who are you?"

Reynolds jumps in to say, "Well, Rob has been in some very successful TV shows..."

And Parton interrupts be saying, "Well I know who Mac is", referring to McElhenney's character on hit TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

McElhenney then enters the conversation to say: "When we thought your family might be from Wales, we thought, 'Who better to present our docuseries about north Wales and their beloved football club?'"

"So, the Welsh Board of Tourism and Docudramas is a fake?" a supposedly none-the-wiser Parton asks. "Mhmm, yeah," Reynolds replies. "Super fake. But the show is very real! You know, Miss Parton, the show's theme song is about singing when you win..."

Parton quickly sees which way that particular avenue of questioning was heading and interjects with a quick: "Hey, don't push it, other guy!"

Watch the video in full below