'Domshell': How the UK front pages reacted to Cummings' explosive testimony

Following his explosive revelations about the government’s response to coronavirus, Dominic Cummings features on most of the UK front pages on Thursday.

Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser gave evidence about the pandemic to MPs on Wednesday during a marathon seven-hour session.

His claims about the prime minister and health secretary Matt Hancock rocked Westminster and tore a hole in the once seemingly close relationship between Cummings and Johnson.

Cummings said Hancock should have been fired over coronavirus failings and “criminal, disgraceful behaviour” on the testing target.

Cummings also said families who lost loved ones to COVID “deserve the truth” over the handling of the pandemic, and “tens of thousands of people died who didn’t need to die”.

He did not directly respond to questions from MPs on whether he was settling personal grievances with those in government.

And despite his criticism, Cummings admitted that anyone in control would have had a “complete nightmare”.

Nevertheless, what he did say gave the press plenty to write about, with some calling it a “rain of fire”, others a “Domshell”.

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