Don't add Sugar: Apprentice loser brings out cooking app

Rob Waugh
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Apprentice loser Nick Holzherr has officially launched his food app, Whisk, despite Lord Sugar's scathing rejection of the idea on the hit BBC1 show.

On the show, Sugar said, 'Who could be bothered with it?'

After Sugar rejected the app, Nick secured over £500,000 from investors and venture capitalists.

Whisk is a free web and mobile app that lets users match recipes from websites with online shopping direct from the app - allowing users to purchase ingredients for recipes online in seconds.

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The app 'reads' recipes and creates a shopping list which adds the ingredients into a checkout basket for online supermarkets - it also 'scales' orders by how many people will be eating.

Television channel Food Network has already incorporated Whisk into its website.

Nick said: "Food and technology have always been my two big passions in life, so when I went on The Apprentice I already had the concept for Whisk - a business which would combine both.

"Modern life is incredibly hectic, but for many years now the UK has developed a healthy obsession with eating good-quality and freshly-cooked food."

"I know I'd prefer to spend my free time in the kitchen cooking for friends and family rather than traipsing around a supermarket trying to find the ingredients I need.

He said: "Whisk means when I see a recipe I like, I can quickly add it to my online shopping basket and know I'll have everything I need to prepare it. Who hasn't had that frustrating moment when you realise you've forgotten the key ingredient that the dish just can't do without?

"Hopefully Whisk will make it a thing of the past."

Whisk uses major supermarket giants Tesco and Waitrose to deliver the items ordered direct to people's doors, with more supermarkets being added soon.

The mobile app is available on iTunes, or by logging onto