US war chiefs worried Donald Trump will 'demand nuclear strike on North Korea'

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Donald Trump’s aides are reportedly concerned what to di if he orders a nuclear strike on North Korea (Rex)

Aides of Donald Trump are reportedly working out what they would say to him if he were to order the United States to launch a nuclear strike on North Korea.

White House officials are said to be increasingly concerned by the President’s behaviour, both publicly and privately, and are worried he will start World War III.

Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly and Secretary of Defence James Mattis are reported to have talked about what they would say to the President if he does order a nuclear attack.

According to numerous sources who have spoken to Vanity Fair about a range of issues surrounding the President and his apparent ‘unravelling’, Kelly and Mattis have already discussed their response.  

“Would they tackle him?” the source said.

The publication claims that those closest to Trump believe him to be “unstable”, while advisers said the White House was “in crisis” over the President’s “dark moods”.


A nuclear attack is seeming ever more likely, with reports emerging yesterday that Trump wants a tenfold increase in the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

However, Trump denied the story on twitter, calling it “pure fiction”.

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The White House also denied accounts about the President’s “dark moods”, saying: “The President’s mood is good and his outlook on the agenda is very positive.”

Tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to ramp up after the US staged another show of force by flying two B-1B supersonic bombers from an air base in Guam over the Korean peninsula.

These flights are said to anger the North, with Pyongyang claiming the drills are preparation for war.

Two B-1B supersonic bombers took part in a another drill with South Korea (PA)

South Korean lawmaker Lee Cheol-hee claims that North Korean hackers may have stolen highly classified military documents that contain details of a strike against Kim Jong-un if war breaks out.

The South’s Yonhap news agency quoted Lee as saying that 235 gigabytes of military documents were taken last year.

Seoul says North Korea has repeatedly staged cyberattacks on South Korean business and government websites, something the North has denied.