Donald Trump is set to meet the Queen during visit next year

Donald Trump is set to be granted an audience with the Queen during his ‘downgraded’ visit to the UK next year.

It emerged yesterday that the President will visit Britain early next year but it will be a ‘working visit’ rather than a state visit.

He is likely to stay at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in London and will not stay with the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.

The visit will be part of tour of European capitals in early 2018.

Theresa May offered Mr Trump a state visit just seven days after he took office, sparking controversy at the time with London Mayor Sadiq Khan among those opposed to the idea.

The President was said to have requested a carriage ride down The Mall as part of his reception, and wanted to play a round of golf at Balmoral.

Thousands of people launched protests against the visit, while more than a million people signed a petition to stop the trip from going ahead.

Commons Speaker John Bercow said the President should not be allowed to address the House of Commons.

<em>Invitation – Prime Minister Theresa May extended the offer of a State Visit to Donald Trump just seven days after he took office (Pictures: AP)</em>
Invitation – Prime Minister Theresa May extended the offer of a State Visit to Donald Trump just seven days after he took office (Pictures: AP)

The London Evening Standard yesterday said that the pared-back visit is expected to be less controversial than if he was welcomed formally by the Queen.

The President could formally open the new US embassy at Nine Elms, near Battersea Power Station, the newspaper reported.


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So far Mr Trump has visited countries including France, Germany, Belgium and The Vatican, meeting world leaders including the Pope.

It is thought he could still make a full State visit – an honour usually reserved for a President’s second term – at some stage.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “Our position on the state visit has not changed – an offer has been extended and President Trump has accepted.

“Exact dates for President Trump to visit have not yet been arranged.”