Reporter Asks Donald Trump If He Regrets “All The Lying You Have Done,” But The President Moves On To The Next Question

Ted Johnson
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Donald Trump got a bit of an unexpected question from a reporter at his press conference, who asked him if he regretted “all the lying you have done to the American people.”

The reporter was S.V. Date, White House correspondent for HuffPost, who also was serving as the print pool reporter on Thursday.

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Date originally asked, “Mr. President, do you regret all of the lying you have done for the American people?”

“All the what?” Trump responded.

“All the lying, all the dishonesties,” Date answered.

“And who is that?” Trump asked.

“You have done,” Date said.

After a pause, Trump went on to another question.

Later, Date wrote on Twitter, “For five years I’ve been wanting to ask him that.”

At the press conference, Trump again claimed that mail-in balloting would lead to massive voter fraud, even though fact-checking sites have concluded that such fraud is “exceedingly rare.”

Trump also was asked about Kamala Harris’ eligibility to serve on the Democratic ticket, a notion that has quickly triggered cries of birtherism that pervaded during Barack Obama’s presidency.

“I heard today that she doesn’t meet the requirements,” he said. “I have no idea if that is right.”

He was referring to a Newsweek story in which the author, John Eastman, raised doubts about Kamala Harris’ eligibility to be on the ticket. She was born in Oakland, but her parents were not naturalized citizens at the time. Yet the Constitution and a Supreme Court judgment have made clear that she was a natural born citizen.

After Trump’s remark, Meghan McCain tweeted about what her father, John McCain, experienced when he ran for president.

She wrote, “I HATE THIS SHIT. My dad was born on a military base where my grandfather was stationed and there were conspiracies about his eligibility, obviously Obama birtherism. This is a gross, dark trend in American politics about birth qualification which is all clear and obvious. Stop.”

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